07 February 2012

How to Make the Best Lotion or Baby Butt Cream! Safe for cloth diapers!

A bit of info: Most people don't know but lotions contain chemicals and mostly water (Even ones for your face and sensitive skin). These ingredients actually dry your hands more. Some lotions contain greasy mineral oil (ex. Vaseline) that actually coats your skin and wont allow it to breathe. Same goes for baby butt cream. The last thing I want to put on my son is a bunch of chemicals. So now I am in control of what goes into our lotions and on our skin. It is so easy to make too! I hope you all enjoy this and pass it on. Over time you can collect more ingredients to add to make it a one of a kind. Since this recipe does not contain any water there is not need for preservatives.

NOTE: This lotion will be more like a cream and it is very greasy. If you want to use it on your face and hands just make sure that your skin is still a bit wet and apply a very small amount. This is safe to use with cloth diapers but if you plan to use it heavily or very often for a bad rash, then I would use some disposable or washable liners.

-A half pint canning jar
-1 oz. of beeswax
-Coconut oil
-Essential oil (optional)

STEP 1. First things first, gather your ingredients. Coconut oil, beeswax, and a glass jar. You can get the beeswax online in 1 oz bars. Make sure the coconut oil is unrefined. It should be white in its solid state and clear when it is heated up. You can get it online or at a health food store. I used a half pint canning jar for this but you can use almost any old glass jar with a lid.
Quick tip: Get a big container of the coconut oil because you can use it for just about anything. From beauty products to food. It is really healthy too. Getting the large size will save $$ in the future too. I pay about $16 for 29oz.

STEP 2. If you have a half pint jar then follow this exactly to get the right consistency. You can make your lotion with a little more coconut oil to make it softer or a little more beeswax to keep it more solid and even us it for lip balm (like burt's bees).
Fill a pot with enough water to cover most of the jar. Bring it to a boil. Put the whole beeswax bar into the jar and fill the rest with coconut oil. Put the jar in the pot. Let it melt down and it will look sort of yellow like the picture. You can grate the beeswax first but it is a pain in the butt to do and it is near impossible to wash of the grater.

STEP 3. Once it is completely melted get some gloves and remove it from the pot. Make sure to place it on a pot holder somewhere it can't get knocked over. Mix it with something you can throw away like an old wooden chopstick. If you don't have anything then use the opposite end of a metal utensil and then scrape it clean when it cools.
Here is the time to add some optional ingredients like essential oils. I use tea tree oil (which is antimicrobial) and sometimes lavender, sweet orange, lemongrass, or rosemary. Get creative. Different essential oils help with different things, like dry skin. You only need a drop or two.

STEP 4. Let your lotion cool on the counter. If you want to check the consistency before hand you can use your mixing stick. Let it cool a min after you've mixed it and then check to see if that is how you want it. If it is good to go then it shouldn't take more then a half hour and it will look like this picture. You can always remelt it if needed. Then get ready to dip your fingers in and start putting it on everywhere! The beeswax smells amazing too!

STEP 5. Another tip: (sorry I know this tutorial is full of tips, there is so much I want you to know) If you want, you can use all sorts of oils with the beeswax. Some of the best oils for your skin are Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil, and Almond oil. Sometimes I make a combo of all three! :) You can even make lip balm with peppermint oil.
When you are all done then you can use a plastic top for your canning jar like this one. They are really cheap. I got this one at walmart and it is easier to take on and off then the metal ring and canning lid.

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