10 April 2012

Celebration Day #10 - 2 Dryer Balls from Salt Air Studio

From: Stay At Home Cloth Diapering Mama

Not the exact ball winner will receive
Ali from Salt Air Studio is donating a set of 2 dryer balls for 1 lucky person to win!!!  Thank you so much Ali :)  Ali is allowing the winner of this awesome giveaway to chose their own colors (she will accommodate as best as possible) and scent!!  Ali has over 20 scents to chose from.  Thank you so much Ali for this wonderful giveaway and in helping to celebrate Baby K's 1st Birthday!
A Little About the Item
W o o l B a l l s . . . . . . . . . . . . . are super eco-friendly [not just regular eco-friendly]. are a totally renewable resource, ba aa aa. absorb moisture from your washed clothes, cuts drying time. bounce around with your clothes and beat them into softness. DO NOT emit chemicals when heated [like the plastic balls]. last for years, can use them with every load [never buy a dryer sheet again]. allow you to stop buying that annoying fabric softener. are naturally antibacterial,so they resist mildew. reduce static cling [separating the synthetic fibers from your cottons helps even more to avoid static]. come in FUN colors [they are color-fast, but if you don't trust me, you can always buy a set of neutrals].
Balls are approximately 8 inches circumference. About the size of a tennis ball. 
 R E M E M B E R
----/// The more balls you use, the shorter the drying time! ///----
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