31 May 2012

Xagave By Better Body Foods Review and Cookbook Giveaway (CLOSED)

Chances are, if you have tried to cut down on sugar, you have heard of agave. There is quite a bit of negative information about agave on the internet. You may be wondering if it is healthy. I have learned that not all agave is created equally.

Xagave actually uses two different genus of agave, Salmiana (or White Agave) and Agave Tequiliana (or Blue Agave). This helps to make their product unique, great tasting and great for cooking. They have created a blend that gives a more neutral flavor so it can be used as a complete sugar replacement. Xagave is made with a low heat process so their is no loss of nutrients. You cannot compare the process of High Fructose Corn Syrup to Agave. Learn in depth about the process each type of agave goes through.

Pina from the Agave Tequiliana (Blue Agave)
Agave Salmiana (White Agave)
Is agave good for you?
Xagave is certified organic. So you can be sure that it is free of pesticides and GMO's (genetically modified organisms). It has a low glycemic index and is sweeter than other sugars. So, that means you can use less agave (sometimes half) than the amount of sugar and still get the same sweetness. Plus, agave (especially Xagave) has a nice sweet taste, unlike other sugar replacements and there are no bleaches or harmful chemicals used during the processing, unlike so many refined sugars. Xagave also contains some nutrients that you wont find in other brands. You will find relatively high amounts of fiber and calcium. Honestly, I believe it is better than any other sweetener. Of course, it should be used in moderation just like any other sugar.

But Dr Mercola says it is bad....
Here is Xagave's response to what Dr. Mercola wrote. I think this article answers a lot of questions and has made me a true believer of their agave. In conclusion, Xagave contains less fructose than sugar. Dr. Mercola talks about agave in general, in which many of them are highly processed. Xagave is not the same as every other agave on the market.

Is it expensive?
I don't use white refined sugar. So, when I compare the price to the organic cane sugar I use, there isn't much of a price difference. Plus, I have been using less sweetener overall.

My experience with it:
When I first received the bottles of agave I just had to have a small spoonful. It tasted great! Stevia is another sugar replacement I have tried. It tastes awful and ruins the flavor of whatever you are trying to sweeten. Xylitol is great tasting but it takes a lot more to make you food sweet and it is super expensive.
Chase and I made snicker doodles and lemon bars with Xagave. The results were great. The desserts came out just as sweet but with less sweetener. They didn't have a funny taste either.

Snicker Doodles with whole wheat flour
What do I ♥ about it?
I love the fact that is it certified organic and free from GMO's! The extra nutrients are a plus! I like that it is easy to store and pour out of the bottle.

What do I think overall?
I think that Xagave is a great product and I really enjoy it. I love changing up my baking recipes so it was fun to use. I plan to continue to use Xagave to sweeten my desserts. I now carry little packets of it in my bag so I have it on the go. Learn more about Xagave By Better Body Foods.

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