22 June 2012

Organic & Fair Trade Hessnatur Natural Clothing Sale and FREE Shipping! -Ends July

hessnatur - organic and fair fashion

Are you looking for natural, organic clothing for your family? Hessnatur has an array of choices. They even have a new baby line...yes, that includes cloth diapers! I especially like the cloth diapers they carry because they are all made of natural material, like cotton and wool.
hessnatur - organic and fair fashion
When you are done drooling over diapers, check out the 50% off summer sale that is going on until the end of July. But hurry on over because the good stuff doesn't stick around that long. Hessnatur has the cutest organic cotton and silk dresses! Plus, when you use the code "PAFFSH" you get free shipping and returns!

What are their clothes made of?
•natural fibers and organic whenever possible
•specialty wools like angora, cashmere, alpaca, mohair and yak
•No PVC or Teflon
•A small percentage of spandex, but it is covered in cotton so if doesn't touch your skin
•Zippers, buttons and buckles are nickle and chrome free
•Other natural materials for buttons include; ivory palm nut, wood, horn or mother-of-pearl
•safe natural dyes

Why use pure, natural material?
•Material like polyester, acrylic and nylon are all synthetic. They are made from petroleum and are very toxic to create.
•Commercial dyes are dangerous and carcinogenic. The dying process can include the use of heavy metals.
• Regenerated fibers are chemically treated and require a large amount of water and electricity to process.
• Chemical finishes are toxic and remain on clothing even after washing. Those include; easy-care, wrinkle-free finishes, anti-microbial and moth-proofing.
•No bleach! It is so bad for the environment.

Why organic fibers are better?
They are grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. When something is organic it can't be made with GMO's (genetically modified organisms). To be considered organic the farm must be chemical-free for at least three years. That means the soil and ground water do not get contaminated. It is better for people, animals and the earth!
Organic wool comes from sheep that are not given any unnatural feed or hormones. They are free roaming and are not treated with pesticides or antibiotics.

I am an affiliate of Hessnatur. I chose to represent them because of their high standards. If you choose to purchase from them, please do so through one of my links. The small percentage I receive helps support a hard working stay-at-home mom! Thank you!