02 June 2012

Happy Yiayia Tie Dyed Prefold and Flat Diaper Review and Giveaway {Sponsor Spotlight} Fluffy Butts Giveaway Hop

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About Happy Yiayia:
Kimberly, a homeschooling mother to five kids, has enjoyed tie dying for herself and her family for quite some time. Just recently, she and her mother Becky (who does the sewing) joined forces to bring you Happy Yiayia. Kimberly has done what most of us can only dream about, create a business out of a hobby. She enjoys the anticipation and excitement from hand dying each piece and waiting to see how it turns out. Then she is able to share it with the world. She feels it is important that her children see her take time for herself and do something she enjoys and I couldn't agree more! When Kimberly isn't working or teaching her children she is spending time outside hiking, swimming, camping or just hanging out with friends and family.
I have had the chance to review a tie dyed a prefold and flat from Happy Yiayia. If you are unfamiliar with these, read about the different types of cloth diapers.

LEFT: Prefold - RIGHT: Flat
This prefold is made of several layers of cotton sewn together and kept on with pins or a snappi. It is used with a cover. After several washes it measures approx. 13"x19" 
This prefold has been hand dyed with fiber reactive dyes, which are the safest dyes on the market for clothing use. 
When I received this diaper I washed it alone in cold to get out the extra color. Then I re-washed and dried it with other clothing a few time. This is the best way to prep natural fabric. Usually it needs 5-6 washes to reach maximum absorbency.
Once the diaper was nice and fluffy we tried a few different folds with it. Here Vallon is wearing the prefold with a snappi. 

Normally a cover is required but around the house I don't use one. It is perfect for hot days when I want to let Vallon roll around on the floor. The cotton is nice and breathable yet thick enough to hold his pee for a decent amount of time.
I have also used this prefold inside a bumGenius Flip diaper cover at night. It worked great all night. I folded it up and placed it in under the folds. Then I placed in a thin piece of fleece to wick the moisture away. He wore it with no leaks for over nine hours. I like using it at night but it is too beautiful to cover up. :)
What do I about it?
The color is beautiful! I love using it without a cover. It is very soft too. I like that it washes and dries nicely and comes out fluffy and soft. I love that they are hand dyed and each one comes out unique. I also love that  all their diapers are dyed with safe dyes. You can also use this as a burp cloth!
What would I change?
The tie dye is perfectly unique. I wouldn't change that. As for the prefold, I don't use many of them. With it folded up and held together with a snappi, it can be hard to get a cover on without some of it sticking out. I wish it were a bit trimmer. I will probably continue to use it without a cover at home and folded in a flip diaper for night time.
What do I think overall?
I love natural material like cotton and the tie dye makes it even more appealing. Even after several washes the color is holding really well and it didn't bleed onto anything else. The cotton has remained soft. I want to dye the rest of prefolds like this. 

This is just one large square of cotton. It is folded up and used similar to a prefold with pins or a snappi. After washed several times it measures approx. 28"x29".
I prepped this the same as the prefold. Cold water for the first wash and then I washed it a few times with the regular wash.
A cover is also required with a flat diaper. There are lots of fun ways to fold it. Here is one of my favorites, the origami fold:

You can fold this up and place it in a cover too. It is pretty absorbent and trim and works for any size baby.
This may also be used as a burp cloth or even a blanket. When I first received this, before I tested it as a diaper, we used it as a light blanket for Vallon. It is just so beautiful and colorful. He loved to look at it and play with it.
What do I about it?
Again, I love the cotton. The best thing about a flat diaper is that it is one layer of fabric. I believe most stink issues are a result of bacteria getting trapped between all the layers of fabric that are sewn together. Since this flat diaper unfolds completely, it washes and dries so easily and fast. Not to mention the color is wonderful and still very vibrant after several washes.
What would I change?
What do I think overall?
This is the only flat I own and now I am tempted to buy more. I love having one of every kind of diaper. It is so fun to try new ones! 

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