28 June 2012

Why Is Smoking On The Rise Despite Anti-Smoking Campaigns and Research?

Beating Smoking

Are you trying to quit smoking? It may seem like an endless battle but there are more reasons to stop then to continue. I know here in the state of NY a package of cigarettes has gone up to over $9 a pack! Including the gas it takes for late night trips to the store, you could be spending $40 a month or more. That could run you a bill of over $400 a year! Of course money isn’t the only factor.
First and foremost you should quit for your health and the others around you! Did you know that children with parents who smoke are more likely to smoke themselves? Not only that but there so many increased health risks to both you and your children.

Over 4 million people die each year due to smoke related illnesses. Illnesses that could be avoided!

So, why is smoking on the rise? A recent study showed that people saw smoking as a sign of empowerment and independence. In reality addiction is anything but... If you are trying to quit smoking you may be interested in a clinical study. 
Please visit http://beatingsmoking.com for more information. The first step to quitting is getting informed!