28 June 2012

The World's Best Cat Litter Review {Sponsor Spotlight} Loving Your Pet Giveaway Hop

Worlds Best Cat Litter has provided me with a 7lb bag of their cat litter. It is meant to last a whole month for one cat! Don't forget to see how you can get your own free bag to test out!

What is it made of?
US grown, whole kernel corn!

What other litter have we tried?
Besides some clay litters we have also tried Yesterdays News. It was so hard to scoop, didn't last long and smelt awful.

Our experience with World's Best Cat Litter:
The litter we normally use is from Cat's Pride. It is not the most eco-friendly option but it is flush-able. We have been using World's Best Cat Litter for a few weeks now. I started by adding it to the other litter. Currently most of the litter in the box is World's Best. It is clumping well and has not had dust, like Cat's Pride's flush-able litter. 
We have one cat. His name is Baby Kitten! He is happy with the litter and gives it two paws up. I have been flushing it down the toilet without any problems although it isn't stated on the website or the bag that it is flush-able. Here is what they told me when I asked about it.
"In regards to flush-ability, consumers have been flushing our product for years and we are not aware of any issues that it has caused. But due to changing laws, we are in the process of getting the needed testing to legally make this claim on our packaging and website in the future."
I hope they do get necessary testing because it is a great selling point! I find flushing it to be more eco-friendly than filling landfills with plastic garage bags full of kitty waste. Most of the time I don't flush any more than normal. I just add a bit of litter after I use the toilet. Then I flush it all down together. With Cat's Pride, there is a lot of dust and the litter stick to the inside and sides of the toilet. When you try to clean it, it gets really slimy. Not fun to clean up! I don't have any of those problems with World's Best. The litter breaks down into fine particles in the water and makes it easy to flush. Plus, I noticed within the first week that there was less odor. 

World's Best has a lavender scented cat litter but I am a bit confused about what they use to scent it. They say the scent is made with natural plant based oils and it isn't anything synthetic. When I asked I was directed to their site. The site does not say "essential oils" and that is why I remain unsure. Here is the page with the information they provide.

CAUTION! Essential oils are not safe for cats at any level because their bodies can not metabolize them like we do. So, they can build up over time and cause problems. Lavender and Tea Tree are some of the most important ones to keep away from them. I always keep my cat a safe distance from my formulations that contain essential oil. I prefer to stick with the unscented.

What do we ♥ about it?
I love that it is nearly dust free! It clumps well and flushes great. I contains odor better than any other litter we have used. I love that is it safe around my children and my cat.

What would I change?
I would prefer that it is organic. I am 99% sure that the corn used to make this is genetically modified (GM). Although it isn't being consumed, GM corn is harmful to the earth and surrounding land.
Also, I would love if they used a safer plastic to package the litter. The bag it came in is recycle symbol 7. Maybe they could package it in a biodegradable bag! ;)

What do I think overall?
This litter has it's ups and downs but I really like it and I recommend giving it a try. Compared to most of the other options, this litter really is safer for your family and your pets. Despite its small size, it lasts much longer then any other litter we have used. Check out these litter box tips!

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