27 July 2012

Fluffy Questions Friday {Week 3} #FluffyQA

Another Friday! Time for some fluffy questions! Are you new to cloth diapering and feeling overwhelmed? Tune in each Friday and I will answer YOUR questions. If you have a question, ask HERE.

Q: My son is a really heavy wetter at night and our BumGenius 4.0s are leaking through closures. Any suggestions on another good diaper or insert to check out? -Leah (PA)

A: My son isn't a heavy wetter but our bumGenius are bullet proof. They can handle pretty wet inserts without leaks compared to some of the other diapers I have. Before you try another diaper I suggest drying your diaper shells in the dryer if you normally hang dry. This will help to heat seal any holes where it may be leaking.
If your LO is a belly sleeper it may cause compression leaks. Microfiber causes compression leaks the most. You definitely need more absorbency. I would try hemp at night time. You can add a microfiber or bamboo insert on top.
TIP: Microfiber and bamboo absorb faster, so they work best closer to your baby. Hemp absorbs slower and it holds more liquid, so it works best layered after another insert.
I have heard that pockets are not always the best solution for heavy wetter. In that case, I highly recommend a fitted diaper with a wool cover. With a fitted diaper the whole thing is absorbent! Wool is also absorbent along with being waterproof and breathable at the same time. It's pretty amazing!
I hope those tips help. Good Luck!

Q: We are trying to cloth diaper on a budget. What are the most affordable brands? -Amber (WA)

A: Even on a budget there are several great options available. Using prefolds or flats with covers are definitely the most affordable type of diaper. If you would prefer pockets you can try Sunbaby and Alva Baby. I love my Sunbaby diapers! You can also buy second hand and get some name brands for a great price. If you have some time before your baby comes, keep your eye out for sales and second. Seconds are when there are minor defects in a name brand so they can't sell them for the full price but they are still 100% functional! I got all my bumGenius pockets for $11 each when there was a sale on Cotton Babies.
Take your time if you can and select a few different types of diapers to try out. Remember gently used cloth diapers really hold their value. If you find that you don't like some you can sell them and get most of your money back!

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