02 July 2012

Moxie Glass Hand Blown Glass Straws Review {Sponsor Spotlight} Made In The USA Giveaway Hop

Getting to know Moxie Glass Company!
What is your name and anyone else part of the business?
Melissa Boyle, Owner and Artist
How did you get started with your business?
I met a fellow here in Fort Collins that was a glassblower/lampworker. I begged him to teach me how to blow glass. At first he refused, but eventually he relented and taught me how. We have been working in the same shop for over 9 years now. We have also been living in the same house for over 6 years and we have a three year old daughter, too!
Who or what was your inspiration?
I would have to say that my children have been the driving force behind my career as a glassblower. I loved working from home because I can be there for my kids whenever they need me.
But I receive inspiration from people all over the world. I love it when I get an email or a phone call from someone on the other side of the planet who has chosen me to make their idea come to life!
How long have you been doing what you do?
I have been blowing glass for over 9 years now. It has been my full time job for nearly a decade!
What is your motivation? What are you passionate about?
I am so fortunate that I get to do what I love and make what I think is beautiful and other people can appreciate it as well. I am very sure to include gratitude as a part of my every day.
Where can we find you when you are not working? How do you spend a day off?
When I am not in the glass studio you can find me and my family outside. We are so lucky to live in gorgeous Colorado where the weather lends itself to outdoor activities often. I like to take my children out and rediscover the magic of the world around us and the gift of just "being".
I have been looking for plastic alternatives to almost everything in the house. It didn't occur to me that I could replace plastic straws with glass ones! When Melissa from Moxie Glass contacted me I was so excited!

Some features:
coconut water...yum!
•Handmade in the US
•Made of durable Pyrex glass
•BPA free and hypo-allergenic
•Can be used for hot or cold drinks
•Can be used as a drink marker
•Easy to clean
•Dishwasher safe
•Can get custom sizes, colors and critters
Too cute to pass up!

My experience with them:
I have been testing them out for more than a month now. I use them every day. They are very durable. I have not had one of them break on me. I did have a few crack. They are still perfectly usable but Melissa was more than willing to replace them. They have great customer service! My husband and I have been using them for all of our drinks , including milkshakes, root beer floats and tea. This past week I even let my 3 year old try them out while supervised. He likes using them for yogurt and applesauce! Less mess for me to clean up. :)
The critters are just too cute! There are so many options available. If you can dream it, they can do it! There are geckos, turtles, dragonflies, panda bears, ladybugs, frogs, flowers, cats, mice, fish, bumblebees, dolphins and even an octopus!!
I found that these did not fit our Copco BPA free tumblers. So, I have been using them without a lid. I highly recommend getting one of the ReUsable Tumblers Moxie Glass sells (for $11) to put your straw in. Then you can take it anywhere and show it off. If you already have a cup you can get an 8mm straw that is sure to fit!
Great for smoothies!
Root beer float!
The only downfall is that these are not the best option for young kids. Try stainless steel for them!

What do I ♥ about them?
I think the best part about these is that they are handmade and non-toxic. Even the packaging they use is free of plastic! Of course, I love love love the cute critters (something you can't have with stainless steel). There are so many great designs to choose from you will definitely want more than one. Moxie Glass offers $5 flat rate shipping too! I love how easy it is to clean these. Just a little hot water will get even some of the stickiest messes out.

What do I think overall?
I am very glad I had a chance to use these glass straws. I highly recommend them. I never want to go back to plastic again. I will be getting more in the future. I think they would make great gifts. Plus, I may need to get one of every new critter! :)

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Check out Melissa's Etsy shop Many Mini's. She makes the most amazing things with blown glass. You will find everything from terrarium necklaces to glass pens! You can wear a live plant around your neck! How cool is that? She even makes critters without the straw! Here are a couple of my favorite items.

Get your own handmade glass straws from the Moxie Glass Company. You can choose from all sorts of shapes and sizes. They range from $2.50-$10 with $5 flat rate shipping!

Come back July 4-13 for the Made In The USA Giveaway Hop for a chance to win your own assortment of straws from Moxie Glass Company! The giveaway will be open to the US & CAN. Just look for this button on my sidebar!
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