27 July 2012

Upa-Lala Eco Bag Review {Sponsor Spotlight} #Just4BabyHop


This handmade wet bag from Upa-Lala has such a special touch to it and has so many uses! Not only is it great to have for cloth diapers, it can be used for wet swimsuits, towels, gym clothes and toiletries to help contain messes. Find out how to get 10% off of one!

Getting to know Upa-Lala (oopa-lala):
Brittan started her business by making carriers. She wanted to make baby wearing fun and fashionable. She used such wonderful high quality fabric and she didn't want any to go to waste. That is when she started to make beautiful eco bags! Being a cloth diapering mama she knew how convenient it was to have a waterproof bag.
Brittan's family inspires her every day. She loves living in a bilingual home where she is learning Spanish from her husband and passing on the knowledge to her children. Some of Brittan's hobbies include; running.  swimming, hiking, biking and making jewelry.

"My family is my motivation.  Making other people happy is my motivation.  Being happy is another.  I'm passionate about art, love, science, life,..."- Brittan

Congrats to Brittan who is pregnant with her third child! You are one hard working mama! Thanks for your time. :)

What does Upa-Lala mean?
This is very interesting and I had to share. Children in Argentina (Brittan's husbands native country) say "upa" (oopa) when they want to be picked up. As you pick them up you would reply "upa-lala." What a perfect name for a carrier!

Brittan was kind enough to send me a medium eco-bag to test out.

Size approx. 12" x 12"
Waterproof lining
Machine washable
Hanging loop with a snap
Easy to grasp zipper (YKK)
Cute patterns
Fits 5 diapers

The inner waterproof liner is made of polyurethane laminate (PUL). The exterior is made of cotton.

My experience with it:
I have been using it on the go. It fits well into the diaper bag. It's great for diapers but I have been using it for dirty washcloths and wet clothes. To maintain the dark color I have been washing it with like colors and air drying. I dry it flat and even after several washes it still looks like new. I was worried that the dark color would fade but this is what Brittan told me.

"You should be able to wash any color bag on warm wash & cold rinse and they shouldn't fade.  The designer fabrics are meant to be washed and washed and washed."

It holds even the wettest wash cloths and clothes without a leak! The loop is perfect for hanging around your wrist, a stroller or a changing table.
The handmade box it came in!

The tag is tied on with twine.

The zipper is easy to grasp.
After several washes...ignore the cat hair. :)
I was able to fit 5 diapers in it and zip it closed.

What do I love about it?
This bag is so well made and super cute! I love how sturdy it is and the loop is the perfect size. I ♥♥♥ the handmade box it came in. Isn't it great? Upa-lala doesn't use any plastic in their packaging. Even the tag was tied on with some twine. Two thumbs up from me! Most of all I love that this was handmade with lots of love.

What do I think overall?
Upa-lala has great quality products and wonderful customer service to top it off. There are so many designs to choose from and upa-lala.com is easy to navigate! I would love to try one of their carriers.

Connect with Upa-Lala on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and ETSY

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Come back July 30-August 10, for the Just For Baby Giveaway Hop and you will have a chance to win a baby prize pack including a medium eco-bag (wet bag) from Upa-Lala. The giveaway will be open to the US & CAN. Just look for this artwork on my sidebar.