10 August 2012

Fluffy Questions Friday {Week 4} #FluffyQA

It's Friday already...? 
Are you new to cloth diapering and feeling overwhelmed? Tune in each Friday and I will answer YOUR questions. If you have a question, ask HERE.

Q: I am due in November and we plan to use cloth diapers right away. I really don't like snaps but I have heard that hook and loop and velcro wear in the wash and can ruin diapers. Are there any other options or is there something I can do to make the velcro last longer? -Jen (WA)

A: It is true that velcro diapers don't hold up as well after repeated washing, compared to snaps. I can give you a few tips on keeping the velcro nice but I wouldn't get a whole stash with velcro. Snap diapers are great once you get used to them! I have both in my stash.
I keep my velcro fresh by always making sure the wash tabs are connected and by air drying the shells (pockets). I made sure to get snaps on all the AIO's because I knew I would be throwing them in the dryer and that is when velcro does the most damage.
Another good tip, when the wash tabs loose their grip, is to purchase some velcro from the store and attach it to the diaper tabs instead of using the wash tabs.
Some brands have better velcro than others. All my velcro is bumGenius hook and loop and it has been holding up well with good care.
Another option would be to try Adapt-A-Snap by GoGreen diapers. You can convert their snap diapers to velcro. It may be a more costly option but replacing the velcro (when it goes bad) would be a breeze!
Last thing I want to warn you about is how easy it is to take off velcro diapers. So easy, your baby will be able to do it by 3 months. My son pulls his off before I even get him off the changing table. Sometimes I want to show off his cute diaper but for the velcro ones I have to keep them covered with a onesie or those curious little fingers will surely find the tabs. Try several brands and find what works for you! Good Luck!

Q: I would like to order Sunbaby diapers because they are so affordable BUT I am worried they wont last as long and wont fit as well since they are so cheap. Should I try them or stick with a name brand? -Tracey (NJ)

A: Actually, I really like our Sunbaby diapers. I own over 20 of them. The ones I have are well put together and are perfect for daytime. I have not had as much success with using them at night but you may not want to use pockets at night anyway. So definitely order a package of at least 12. They are sold at wholesale price. That is why they are so affordable.
The only complaint I have about Sunbaby diapers is that they are not consistent like big name brands. They look as though they may be hand sewn and the sizing can vary. I don't completely understand the difference in size 1 and 2. I have one that has more of a rise than the other and I assume that is a size 2. I would just get the prints that I like regardless of the size. Happy Diapering! :)

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