16 August 2012

Milkdot Top Kat Backpack Review {Sponsor Spotlight}

Milkdot products are cute, fashionable but most of all non-toxic!

About Milkdot:

What is your name and anyone else part of the business?
Janet Cho
How did you get started with your business?
Previous to Milkdot, I was the co-founder of a company called Intoto that focused on modern furniture and products. After my son was born, I was disappointed with the choice of products for babies and children so I started to design my own.
Who or what was your inspiration?
My son is always my inspiration.
How long have you been doing what you do?
I studied fine art and graphic design at Boston University and I've been a designer ever since. Milkdot was first launched in 2009.
What is your motivation? What are you passionate about?
I love what I do and the challenges that come with running your own business is a constant motivation to learn more. Every process is a learning experience and doing the research from finding the right manufacturer to understanding more about the environment and the problems we face and the steps that we can make to influence change for the better are things that motivate me. I feel passionate about life and design. And in nature, the beauty of design is s constant sense of awe and inspiration for me.
Where can we find you when you are not working? How do you spend a day off?
When you have your own business, it's very hard to have days off but I love going to the beach with my son and will drive an hour and a half just to spend a few hours there. We often spend time with family when we can and I love to spend time in Central Park or bike along the Hudson River.

The founder, Janet Cho strives to keep her products free of toxic chemicals. After having her first son she came to realize that not all the products marketed towards children are safe. Many of them contain PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and lead. This backpack by Milkdot is made with water repellent nylon material, not PVC. All of their products follow the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act).

We have been testing out the Top Kat Backpack in Lime, for the past month.
Fashion meets functionality!


Water repellent
Lead, PVC and BPA free
Insulated front pocket (for snacks)
Padded straps
Easy to grasp zippers
Hanging loop
Lots of pockets
Picture frame ID tag
Side pockets (perfect for water bottles)
Unique design
Reflective safety star
4 vibrant colors to choose from

Our experience with it:

This backpack has been getting a lot of use. We have been using it a lot outside. We took it to an amusement park with us the other day. It was placed on all sorts of surfaces but I didn't have to worry about it getting dirty. The many pockets are very handy. I can put healthy snacks in the insulated pouch and keep them cool and within arms reach.
LEFT: Insulated front pocket (led and PVC free closed-cell interior foam and mesh pocket)  RIGHT: Main compartment with one large pocket and 2 small ones.
The large pocket in the main compartment actually fits the iPad perfectly. It is a great place to put it when we take it with us because it stays safe from the padding.
LEFT: Mesh padded straps are comfortable and allow airflow.  RIGHT: Quilted padded back.
The main compartment is very roomy
LEFT: Picture Frame ID tag.  CENTER: The zipper is perfect for grasping with your thumb and forefinger.  RIGHT: The side pockets are very handy.

Chase is going to be four soon so the bag is a bit big for him. It is great though because it still fits, yet he has plenty of room to grow. I just add a knot in the straps the shorten them since they are still quite long. It is going to last us a long time!

What do we ♥ about it?

That it is non-toxic! We also love all the pockets. Chase likes the picture ID tag a lot. He loves that he can personalize his bag. He also likes how easy the zippers are to grasp. I think the padding on the back and straps are a great feature and make this bag comfortable to wear.

What do I think overall?

This backpack is so durable comfortable and has many great features. I highly recommend it for an elementary child. It is so cute and unique. They would be sure to have the coolest backpack in school.

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Get a Top Kat Backpack from Milkdot for $40. You can also find lunch totes and go pouches.


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