13 September 2012

Organic Crib Mattress Review {The Natural Bed Store}

Providing your baby with a safe sleep surface is by far one of the best things you can do for them. There are so many toxic chemicals in mattresses including petroleum derived foams and flame retardants. That is why you don't want to go cheap on a crib mattress! Read more about the toxic chemicals in crib mattresses.
TheNaturalBedStore.com has some wonderful non-toxic crib mattresses. They use material like organic cotton, organic wool and natural latex. They offer two different crib mattresses. We have been testing out their Acorn Innerspring Organic Crib Mattress for the past several months. I must say Vallon (now 9 months) has the best mattress in the house!


Naturally flame retardant
Firm yet soft
Made with organic cotton and wool
Fits snugly in crib
Cozy quilted cover
No dyes
Made in the USA


Heavy-gauge innersprings
Organic cotton batting and organic wool fill
Organic cotton quilted cover

This mattress is very well constructed. It is sturdy and firm yet the quilted cover is soft to the touch. It has a slight bounce back to it. The corners are slightly rounded but it fits great into our crib. The only problem we have had is finding a sheet that fits. The standard crib sheets we had took a lot of work to stretch over the corners and they still didn't completely cover the sides. So I went on a hunt and found the perfect sheet...if only I had purchased two! I highly recommend a soft organic cotton cover from Mongolia Organics. Now that we have a nice stretchy one it is easier to replace the sheet without having to pull the entire mattress out.
This mattress is not waterproof. We use cloth diapers and luckily haven't had to worry about leaks. There are many options to keep a cotton mattress from getting ruined. My favorite is definitely a puddle pad, which is a layer of wool which will repel moisture naturally. Plus, it is flame retardant! We use wool as a diaper cover so I have experience the mighty power of wool and I love it. ♥ I have also used a fleece blanket in a pinch, for just in case.

But I have heard bad things about TheNaturalBedStore.com?

It is true that there's negative slander out there...some of that posted by a competitor. I wont go too much into detail about it. I did a bit of digging before settling on TheNaturalBedStore.com. I can only say from my own experience but I am happy with what they offer and I would purchase from them again.

What we ♥ about it?

I would have to say that we love just about every feature of this mattress. What isn't there to love? It is filled and covered with organic goodness! There is no weird chemical smell. The mattress is sturdy and soft with a nice bounce. Yes...I am jealous Vallon gets to sleep on it! But I sleep better at night knowing that he is safe on a non-toxic mattress.

What do I think overall?

After many emails with Jeanie and a thorough inspection of the site, I can honestly say that this is a great company and mattress and I highly recommend them. TheNaturalBedStore.com has several certifications that you can view right on their site. They are a member of the Organic Trade Association and accredited by the BBB.

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