01 October 2012

Eliminating Toxins From Your Home- Insulation

When I first started going green I read an article that stated "The Air In Your Home May Be More Toxic Than the Air Outside." It really got me thinking. I started replacing all of our cleaners and stopped using toxic air fresheners. Soon I discovered that those aren't the only offenders. Your home may contain urea formaldehyde, radon gas, asbestos, mold, and other harmful gases, bacteria and dust. The paint, rugs, flooring and insulation could be the cause of some of them.

With winter coming fast, a great way to green your home is to have it properly insulated. Take it one more step and choose an eco friendly, non toxic insulation!

If you are in Ottawa you are in luck. Green Tech Insulation provides Knauf EcoBatt Insulation. This insulation is made from sand comprised of 30% recycled glass bottles. It is free of phenol, formaldehyde, acrylics or artificial colors. Being made of ECOSE Technology it is renewable and not petroleum based! 

They can also install eco friendly spray-foam insulation to cover every corner. It is fast and effective. Start saving money and keep your family safe this winter with non-toxic insulation!

Brought to you by: Green Tech Insulation
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