21 November 2012

Why You Should Be Shopping At a Farmers Market

Mass produced food just isn't the same as the local produce and goods from a farmers market. Get to know the farmer and how to food is grown. There are so many reason to shop at a farmers market! Here are the top 4 reason:

Quality & Nutrition- Produce loses nutrients when it sits in storage for too long. Sometimes more preserving methods are required to keep it fresh. For example; peaches and apples will be coated with petroleum based wax and tomatoes will be picked before they are ripe. You will find better quality and fresher food from a local farmer.

Flavor- This goes hand in had with nutrition and quality. More nutrient dense food will taste better.

Environmental- The food doesn't have to travel as far to get on your plate. Better for you and better for the economy!  It's great to support your small local farms.

Save Money- Most of the time you can save money on good quality food and find great deals that you wouldn't at a grocery store.

Don't have a local farmers market?

Just in time for Small Business Saturday is a new place for small businesses to thrive. At GrowFoo you can buy and sell organic food products and organic goods like; organic produce, bath & body products, spices and home items, while supporting small farms. Sign up to sell organic products, chat on the forum and shop!

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How Do You Get Breast Cancer?

Over the course of a lifetime, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer! So, it is important to know the risks and stay up to date on the treatments. Some of the risk factors you cannot change are, age & gender, family history, genes and menstrual cycle.

I will elaborate more:

Age & Gender: Woman over the age of 50 are more likely to get advanced breast cancer. Woman are 100 times more likely to get it than men.

Family History: Roughly 20-30% of woman with breast cancer have a family history of breast, ovarian or colon cancer.

Genes: Some gene defects make it more likely for you to develop breast cancer. Two of the most common gene defects are found in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Normally these genes produce proteins that protect your from cancer, so you can see why a defect can cause problems. One of these defects gives a woman up to an 80% chance of developing breast cancer within their lifetime.

Menstrual cycle: Getting your period before the age of 12 or going through menopause late can increase your risk for breast cancer.

There are other risk factors like radiation, alcohol use, taking DES (to prevent miscarriage), obesity and hormone replacement therapy. Also, if you have never had a child or only had one after the age of 30, you have an increased risk. Having children at an early age is healthier and safer.

What are the treatments?

Depending on the diagnosis and stage of the cancer, there is chemotherapy, radiation therapy and/or surgery.

At cureLauncher, Dr. Lee Roy Morgan is working on a new drug to treat breast cancer even if it has spread elsewhere. It is a new chemotherapy drug called, DM-CHOC-PEN, that is showing encouraging results! They are looking for financial help to fund their next clinical trial. Find out more at www.cureLauncher.com.

19 November 2012

Charge Your Car With The SUN!

There are many reasons to make your next car an electric one. Not only that but by powering as many of the miles you drive with electricity generated by renewable energy...THE SUN...you can eliminate pollution! Finding ways to make use of this abundant renewable resource is so important! This option is more sustainable than any other one out there.

Nearly every penny you pay for gasoline goes into the pockets of oil companies like Texaco, Shell, Mobil, ARCO, Chevron, Exxon, etc... They'll do anything they can to ensure we continue our addiction to oil until it we use up every drop. Do you really want to be lining their pockets? They show no interest in finding an alternative fuel or something more renewable even though the end of oil is inevitable.

Solar Energy Panels

There EV evolution is evolving. There are 2,000 public stations available in the state of California. There are common misconceptions that an electric car will cost more money but you can save nearly $13,00 on fuel costs. It may cost more initially but you will get your money back in about 5-7 years and from then on it's savings. You may also think it isn't dependable, but our dependence on fossil fuels is where we went wrong. The sun will be always be shining!

07 November 2012

Are You Looking to Install a Well?

Having your water from a well will give you a fresh source of clean water free from contamination that may occur with city water. It will give you freedom and may lower your water bill.
One of the most important components of a well is the well pump. Well pumps are designed to force water from the ground into a holding tank. This storage tank contains an air bladder that regulates the air pressure. An increase in air pressure forces the water to move through the pipes in your home.

These are Grundfo S deep well pumps
There are three types of well pumps. They vary on their distance to move water and the ability to be submersed in the water underground.

  • Shallow well pumps- These are non-submersible and are designed to move water no greater than 25 feet. They are used when the water supply is close to the ground’s surface. They are to be installed above ground which can be within the home or a well house.
  • Deep well pumps- These are fully submersible and are designed to move water up to 80-90 (500 in some models) feet.
  • Convertible pumps- Can be converted to a shallow or deep well pump but it’s not submersible. It can move water from 25-80 feet. This still needs to be installed above ground and requires a long tail-pipe to be installed.

In most cases you may have to go a little bit deeper than 25 feet to reach water. Surprisingly, you can still do it with convertible jet pumps. Convertible well jet pumps use an extra pipe to force water through the main line. The pressure pulls the water up in a situation where a simple shallow pump, using vacuum suction, could not. Jet pumps can also be used for more than just wells. They are used often in the agricultural industry to provide fresh drinking water to animals. They can also be coupled together and used in irrigation.
This is a FloForce shallow well jet pump.

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