07 November 2012

Are You Looking to Install a Well?

Having your water from a well will give you a fresh source of clean water free from contamination that may occur with city water. It will give you freedom and may lower your water bill.
One of the most important components of a well is the well pump. Well pumps are designed to force water from the ground into a holding tank. This storage tank contains an air bladder that regulates the air pressure. An increase in air pressure forces the water to move through the pipes in your home.

These are Grundfo S deep well pumps
There are three types of well pumps. They vary on their distance to move water and the ability to be submersed in the water underground.

  • Shallow well pumps- These are non-submersible and are designed to move water no greater than 25 feet. They are used when the water supply is close to the ground’s surface. They are to be installed above ground which can be within the home or a well house.
  • Deep well pumps- These are fully submersible and are designed to move water up to 80-90 (500 in some models) feet.
  • Convertible pumps- Can be converted to a shallow or deep well pump but it’s not submersible. It can move water from 25-80 feet. This still needs to be installed above ground and requires a long tail-pipe to be installed.

In most cases you may have to go a little bit deeper than 25 feet to reach water. Surprisingly, you can still do it with convertible jet pumps. Convertible well jet pumps use an extra pipe to force water through the main line. The pressure pulls the water up in a situation where a simple shallow pump, using vacuum suction, could not. Jet pumps can also be used for more than just wells. They are used often in the agricultural industry to provide fresh drinking water to animals. They can also be coupled together and used in irrigation.
This is a FloForce shallow well jet pump.

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