21 November 2012

Why You Should Be Shopping At a Farmers Market

Mass produced food just isn't the same as the local produce and goods from a farmers market. Get to know the farmer and how to food is grown. There are so many reason to shop at a farmers market! Here are the top 4 reason:

Quality & Nutrition- Produce loses nutrients when it sits in storage for too long. Sometimes more preserving methods are required to keep it fresh. For example; peaches and apples will be coated with petroleum based wax and tomatoes will be picked before they are ripe. You will find better quality and fresher food from a local farmer.

Flavor- This goes hand in had with nutrition and quality. More nutrient dense food will taste better.

Environmental- The food doesn't have to travel as far to get on your plate. Better for you and better for the economy!  It's great to support your small local farms.

Save Money- Most of the time you can save money on good quality food and find great deals that you wouldn't at a grocery store.

Don't have a local farmers market?

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