04 January 2013

Be Prepared For Life With Insurance

Don't wait until you are retired. Be prepared now for your family and yourself no matter what your age. You can get a range of protection and insurance to suit your needs.

Auto Insurance- Protect your car and yourself in the event of an accident. The can find assistance for house and yard work if you are injured in an accident. There are have over 1,600 authorized auto repair shops for your vehicle. With a No-Drop Promise you can never lose your policy. Get towing and rentals covered.

Homeowners or Renters Insurance- Protect your home and possessions with a protection plan. Your insurance company will  pay the actual cost of replacing your possessions with new items of equal quality. Get medical bills covered if anyone should get injured on your property.

Life and Disability Insurance- Plan for your loved ones if something should happen to you. The services include, funeral planning, estate guidance, beneficiary counseling, travel assistance and ID theft protection. There is also short or long-term disability insurance.

Retirement Plans and Mutual Funds- Make the most of your 401(k). Start saving for the future now. Find out if your employer matches you payments.

Business Insurance- Protect a small or large business from fire, theft, lawsuits or injury.
Offer benefits to employees.

Perfect for AARP members. Save money on car insurance, homeowners insurance and more. Get coverage on antique cars. Get an umbrella policy. You could be sued and lose your current assets and savings. This policy will be an extension to your current homeowners or auto insurance.