12 February 2013

Affordable Winter Fun for Kids

In a tough economy most of us are looking for a way to save money while keeping our kids busy. Being in the midst of winter we are all desperate for something to do. There are so many ways to allow your child to learn and have fun without a tv or electronic device.
One of my favorites would be reading magazines. I remember sitting in my room for hours reading magazines when I was a kid! I want to allow my children to have the same experience. Magazines get your child involved and learning. My oldest son is four and he loves to do puzzles and mazes. The best part is they can be very affordable. A whole year of subscriptions can cost $20-$40. That comes to only $1.60 to $3.30 a month! Plus you can use the coupon code "mom15per" to get 15% off magazine subscriptions at SubscriptionAddiction.com. Free shipping and no tax! :)

There are magazines available for all different ages. Here are some of my favorites.

Disney Junior, formerly known as Disney and Me (ages 2-6)- This bi-monthly magazine brings your child’s favorite Disney characters to life! They can read stories, draw, and learn with matching, counting and coloring.
Ask (ages 7-10)- With ongoing adventurous stories your child will be asking for the next issue of Ask! Each issue also contains cartoons, projects, experiments, contest, games, puzzles and more.
National Geographic Little Kids (ages 3-6)- Have fun with animals, nature and science. Your child will grow a love to learn at a young age.

National Geographic for Kids (ages 8 and up)-This award winning magazine includes articles about animals, nature and science. Every issue will be full of puzzles, games and science experiments.

Zoobies (ages 0-3)- Interact with your little one with colorful animal and nature photos, stories and activities.

Zootles (ages 2-6)- Teach your toddler fun animal facts with these magazines. The pages are designed for pre-readers and beginner readers.

and last but not least...Zoobooks (ages 6-12)- Definitely one of my favorites as a child. Full of animal photos and detailed fun facts. Collect them all for an encyclopedia of animals (Alligators to Zebras)!