12 February 2013

An Efficient Water Heater Can Help You Save Money

A main priority for a homeowner is having affordable utilities. If you have an old hot water heater it may be very inefficient. You could be experiencing unexpected bouts of cold water while showering or washing dishes. The tank may be too small or too large for your family. By finding a new hot water tank and hear that is efficient, the right size for your family and the proper fuel type for your home you could be saving energy and money.

Do you know if you need a tank heater or a tankless heater?

Most people don't. Discuss with some experts to find out what will work best for you. It will depend on how much water you use, how many people use it and what you use it for. Call a Calgary plumber from ClearView.

It is also important to find a reliable plumber. Not only can a bad installation effect the heaters performance and energy cost, but it can be very dangerous. ClearView technicians are factory trained and certified with a minimum of 5 years of experience. They are pro’s!

Hot Water Tanks Calgary
Not ready to get a new hot water tank? ClearView not only installs heaters but they repair them too. If you think you have a problem then give them a call. They work on all makes, models and years.
Do the environment and your wallet a favor!


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