09 March 2013

Why You Should Get a Hybrid Car

With the rise of gas prices and compounding emissions into our air it only makes sense to switch to a hybrid vehicle.

What is a hybrid car?

It is a vehicle with both a gasoline engine and an electric motor.

The Prius V is a small SUV and full series-parallel hybrid, meaning that it uses a separate electric motor and generator. It generates electricity while the vehicle is moving which is then stored in a generator. For low speeds it runs fully on the electric motor. With 7 airbags and a panoramic moon roof it is very luxurious yet safe, making it great for families with kids.

I personally like the low profile and interior space. That way it is less prone to roll overs and can accommodation my family. There are extra storage compartment and very roomy cargo space in the back. The design also looks like it has even weight distribution which helps with driving on snow and ice. The seats are made with Toyota's patented SofTex material which has 99% fewer VOC's than other synthetic leathers that are used in vehicles. It features a build in control unit with a back up camera and advanced parking guidance. How cool is that?