01 June 2013

How To Improve Your Lawn

Your lawn is probably the most used area of your landscaping but you want it to look nice. Use these easy tips to have a yard you can be proud of.
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Constant use of your lawn will cause the soil beneath to become compact, especially if you have kids or pets. Aerating the soil will make the grass healthier and greener. It will allow it to have proper air circulation and drainage. It will also permit beneficial organism like earthworms to establish a home. You can aerate a small yard with a hand tool or get an aerating machine for a large one.

Make the most of you lawn clippings and compost them. You can then use them to put nutrition back into the soil. Organic and natural fertilizers will also boost the growth and overall health of your grass.

As you probably know watering your lawn is very important. But, did you know it's best to water your lawn longer and less often? It's recommended to allow your grass to get one inch of water about once a week. The roots will grow deeper into the soil and stay greener during droughts or very hot weather. It's best to water it early in the morning.

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Take the time to tend to your lawn and it will show. If you don't have the time it would be worth it to hire someone to do the landscaping for you. Having irrigation sprinklers installed can save you time and money. You can have the sprinkles set to water your lawn on a schedule.

Tip: How to water your lawn an inch
Set shallow containers throughout the yard and turn your sprinklers on. Keep them going until most of the containers measure one inch of water. Run your sprinklers for that amount of time each time you water.