16 September 2013

Light Up Decor for Your Wedding

Wedding receptions that dramatize the pure beginning of a new life for bride and groom, are well illustrated with sheer white fabric, sprinkled with dazzling lights. Carefully placed LED lighting, mixed within the folds of semi-opaque sheers, can deliver the magical appearance of stars.

Turn the lights down low, add some rich orchestra music, and use candles in crystal containers, for the fantasy of stars to begin. LED lighting adds a soft glow, wherever atmosphere and lighting is needed. Keeping the outside bustle of caterers away from the mood, comes easy when doorways are lined with an LED curtain from ZappoBZ.com. Exits to brightly lit kitchens and prep areas, disappear behind the fantasy of stars, keeping the mood glamorous and romantic.

A wedding is an event to be remembered and cherished. The reception is an extension of traditional merriment that seals the special beginning of a new life. By using the right elements, guests will be able to experience the passion, mystery and love, of two individuals, joined in marriage. Combining a twilight scene with crystal, candles, rich table settings, and sparkling LED sheer curtains, at all points of entry, the perfect scene is created, and remembered, for many years to come.