26 December 2013

Renew Crew Eco-Friendly Outdoor Surface Cleaning

Homeowners spent a significant amount of money on professional landscaping and other maintenance services to keep a property in great shape. Power washing is perhaps the most common type of treatment used to clean driveways, decks, walkways, sidings and even roofs of a home. However, pressure washing techniques have their limitations. For the ultimate cleaning solution outside of a home, something more than pressurized washing is needed. Other types of chemicals and cleaners need to be applied to the exterior of a property to deliver the best results. Renew Crew is a type of company that offers cleaning and maintenance services that involve much more than power washing. 

A multiple step approach towards cleaning outdoor spaces is required for long lasting success. For example, a pre-soak is applied to the surfaces of driveways, walkways and wood. The soft foam penetrates deep between cracks and crevices and loosens up dirt, grime and other debris. Environmentally friendly cleaning agents are used to properly clean the hard to reach areas of outdoor surfaces. Although effective at killing bacteria, traditional bleaches and other harsh chemicals can leave permanent marks and stains on tiles, stone, concrete and wood. Additionally, bleach and other toxic chemicals may leak off to the surrounding grass, plants and other landscaping features of a home. Surely, homeowners don't want to have their beautiful gardens ruined after a power washing service that applied strong and harmful chemicals on walkways and decks.

After the soaking procedure, a pressurized power wash is applied to wash away all of the loose dirt away from the surfaces. Heavy duty power washers literally blast away dirt and grime to leave surfaces clean. However, care must be taken to prevent damage to concrete, wooden and stone surfaces. Power washing can crack and chip parts of a driveway, wooden deck or tiled walkway. Therefore, the right amount of water at the ideal speed should be blasted on different surfaces. 

Another important step towards a full service outdoor cleaning procedure includes a protective finish. Sealants are applied to the outer surface to prevent the build up of dirt and grime from forming until the next scheduled power washing service. Special sealants also help protect wooden, stone and concrete surfaces from weather elements and the UV rays of the sun. Every type of wooden finish requires a specific sealant that can protect the unique texture and composition of an individual wood.