25 February 2014

Solar Power Solutions For Homes

Modern architecture needs to incorporate alternative energy sources into the heating, cooling, plumbing and ventilation plans. A home can have solar panels installed on top of angled rooftops that have shingles. Flat rooftops are not compatible with solar panels because sunshine radiates solar energy at an angle. Solar power can be used to provide hot water and even some electricity that can be used for appliances and other major applications in homes. Homeowners can also get tax incentives when installing solar panels. The government is interested in giving smart homeowners tax breaks when it comes to using alternative energy sources.

Some solar panels can actually be installed near a home instead of on top of the roofs. In fact, free standing solar panels can absorb much more energy because there isn't any limited space such as on a rooftop. The panels can be tilted at the optimum angle and supported by a simple rod or structure. The panels can then be connected directly to a home's electrical grid or plumbing system. In fact, a collector can be stored outside in climates that have warm temperatures all year long. Such a collector simply stores hot water that's delivered to the fixtures inside a home. Additionally, an electrical collector such as a large battery or capacitor can also be installed to provide some backup electricity to the dominant power lines that are connected to a home. In the future, solar cells can be advanced enough to power an entire home's electrical supply.