22 April 2014

Fishing Industries Linked To Dietary Supplements

Seafood is rich in an array of nutrients that are not readily available from common diets. Some people prefer to eat fish and other marine wildlife that is wild caught in specific bodies of water such as the Atlantic Ocean or Pacific Ocean. Australia's and New Zealand's coasts are home to thriving fishing industries. In fact, every single piece of a fish or other marine creature goes to use. There is an entire nutraceutical market that consists of special extracts of fish bones, tissue, teeth and other parts. Such organic components are rich in specific nutrients like phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. 

In fact, sharks are also used for a variety of food and nutraceutical markets. Studies have shown that shark bones contain a significant concentration of calcium and phosphorus. These nutrients are carefully extracted, purified and then processed for resale on a seafood market or supplement market. 

It's important to realize that all bones and other body parts are processed after meat has been removed from wild caught sharks and other fish. In other words, the marine nutraceutical industry doesn't focus on catching sharks just for the sake of using their bones and teeth. Fish oil is also extracted for use in the supplemental sector. Omega 3 fatty acids are important for heart health in humans. People can learn more about the benefits of nutraceuticals derived from marine wildlife. Additionally, all natural extracts from seaweeds are also popular in healthy alternative diets that rely on rich nutrients from wild fish.