23 May 2014

3 Ways to Choose A Volunteer Organization

Feeling charitable? The good news is that there are thousands of nonprofits throughout the world who'd love your help. The bad news is that all these choices can be paralyzing! If you need help narrowing things down, here are just a few criteria for choosing a good volunteer organization.

1: Pick A Focus Area

If you're thinking of volunteering, you probably already have a cause in mind. But things like "hunger" and "homelessness" are broad categories that are very easy to get lost in, especially if you're a first-timer, so try to focus your search on one problem in particular. For example, if you want to work with the poor, you can look for opportunities with disadvantaged youth or low-income housing projects.

2: Know Your Nonprofits

Familiarize yourself with the big charities that lead the industry in which you want to volunteer. If you're hoping to save the gorillas, you should know about In Defense of Animals; if you're interested in third-world disaster relief, educate yourself on the Red Cross.

13 May 2014

Moving Services In Montreal

Individuals and companies in the Montreal area who are moving may be interested in an experienced Montreal moving company that offers a variety of moving and storage services.

The company's trucks have equipment and containers to transport household goods safely for people who are making long-distance moves. Those who need to have furniture and household items stored can use the company's warehouses across Canada. These warehouses are secure and clean.

Businesses who are moving in Montreal and LaSalle will find it convenient to work with a company that can handle many details of the demenagement process. Details of this moving process that the company can handle include packing, moving heavy items and installing modular stations. The company can also disconnect computer equipment and then set it up in the new location. A company representative will visit the business before the move to provide an estimate of the cost of the move and an estimate of much time it will take.

Those who need industrial equipment moved can use the company's industrial moving services. These include planning the move and packing. The company has the staff and equipment to safely move delicate items and heavy machines.

The company is open on weekdays and weekends.