24 June 2014

Kid's Deluxe Junior Police Costume

My 5 year old loves to dress up. Recently he chose this Junior Police Costume. I think it's because he loves to lay down the law, especially with his little brother! The costume comes with some fun accessories including hand cuffs, which he really enjoyed. This costume came for Wholesale Halloween Costumes and they have a great selection of girls and boys police costumes and fire fighter costumes

I have to say this is one of the best quality costumes we have gotten. It's made with a cotton/poly blend and seems to be sewn well. There are nice detail to the jumpsuits, like the patches sewn to the arms. The costume includes:

  • The jumpsuit (shirt and pants sewn together)
  • A hat (with a shield on the front)
  • A belt (with a slot for the radio and loops for the other accessories)
  • A radio 
  • A baton
  • Handcuffs
  • A badge
  • A whistle

The radio is just a prop and the badge has a place for you to write your child's name and a spot to glue a picture. The handcuffs are reminiscent of the ones my parent bought me as a child from the toys store, plastic with a couple keys even though they open without the keys. They have gotten a lot of use from a 5 year old and a 2 year old so far and they are still in one piece!

My only complaint is that it may be a bit hard to get the costume on and off seeing as the shirt and pants are sewn together and you must use the buttons on the front of the shirt. I do appreciate that the waist has nice thick elastic and there is no velcro. This costume will last a long time and will definitely be passed down to his little brother.

Police officers do many different things and I'm happy my son idolizes them. They stand for peace and doing the right thing.