24 January 2015

Help for Troubled Boys

Young boys are curious and eager whether in the company of adults or not, and exploring the world without constant parental supervision is something all boys must do to learn and grow. However, this can also lead to trouble. Here are some positive activities for young males to participate in as they grow into adults.


Most schools have a set curriculum and only offer a few electives that give students the chance to pick a topic that interests them, and many young people may have to choose between school sponsored activities like band, theater or sports. Ask your son what other classes or clubs he would like to participate in if he could or what else he wishes the school offered. Having a hobby outside of school that a parent approves of helps kids learn a new skill and ensures boys are not idle when out of school.

The Great Outdoors

Instead of just telling your son to find something else to do the next time he spends too many hours playing Candy Crush, give him something better to do. Camping with a group like the Boy Scouts or with the family gives boys some time away from modern conveniences, and learning to build a fire, pitch a tent or catch fish helps youth gain confidence. The Wood Creek Academy is one of several schools for troubled boys, and they report that the outdoor environment also gives boys a chance to reflect upon their lives.

Doing Good

While charity work looks good on a college resume, volunteering helps young people in many ways. Those who volunteer when younger are more likely to continue when older, and volunteering also helps prepare youth for their future as projects might include gardening, cooking or serving a meal, teaching computer skills to the elderly, building a house, working with children and more. This gives boys experience they can use when earning a job in high school and may also indicate the type of career they are interested in. If your son is unsure of where to start, youth programs allow young people to volunteer at different projects while making friends and having fun.

The boundless enthusiasm boys have for life can be focused in positive directions. Helping your son find suitable activities allows you to stay connected with what he is doing, and you can make sure he is engaging in something worthwhile that will benefit him as he grows older.