24 February 2015

Planning the Perfect Valentine's Day Party for Kids

Kids love Valentine's Day. It's a highlight at school when they get their cards and share treats with one another. You can extend the fun with a kids' party at home. It might be too late for this year, but you can always file away some great ideas for Valentine's Day next year.

Make it An Outdoor Adventure
Invite your child's best friends over for an outdoor adventure day. If you live where the cold winds blow and the snow piles become mountains, it is the perfect for sledding, snowmen, and snow angels. Top it off with hot chocolate, s'mores, and cookies when they all come inside to warm up. If you life in a place that stays mild all year long, plan outdoor games or go on a hike, finishing up with cold drinks and treats that will make smiles grow.

Have a Heart Decorating Party
Break out the craft supplies! Put out hearts in every color and plenty of stickers to dress them up. Colored pencils, paint, and other extras can help the kids to make dazzling creations. They can give their hearts away at the party or take them home for someone special.

Hang a Heart PinÃta!
The kids will have a blast when they all take a swing at a heart pinÃata. Fill it with candies, stickers, and fake tattoos. Everyone will love sharing the loot once they beat that heart hard enough to crack it open.

Have a Gelato Party
Kids love gelato. Stock up on gelato supplies with special cups and spoons that fit your Valentine's Day theme. Be sure to offer several flavors to appeal to everyone. You can even add toppings to let the kids make gelato sundaes.

Have a Movie Party
Bring the movie theater to your house. With organic popcorn and soda as refreshments, everyone will be having a good time. Set out plenty of pillows and blankets to spread out on the floor. Make simple popcorn cups with paper or use brown paper bags so the kids feel like they are at the theater. You can make candy as an extra treat. Everyone will feel the love as they come together for an afternoon of fun. If you are feeling daring, you can even extend the occasion by making it a slumber party.

Photo Credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net/