28 April 2015

How to De-Clutter and Organize Your Life

Are you wondering how you can take back control of your home? Follow these tips for organizing and de-cluttering your house, no matter how big or small it may be.

1. If you’re taking something somewhere, put it in your car, don’t let it pile up in your house. Keep an “Errands Basket” in your car that holds everything from coupons for shopping to emergency supplies and toys your kids use in the car. Also, keep a trash bag in your car so garbage doesn't run rampant.

2. Add everything to a calendar. Errands, cleaning the house, exercise, and more should go on your calendar. Need to get your bills in order or find a new utility company? Check out Palmco on Facebook. Prioritize everything; if it’s not in your schedule, you shouldn't be doing it. Everything you do should be important.

3. Don’t procrastinate. Spending two minutes now to go through today’s mail can save you half an hour later when you finally catch up, realize you missed a bill, or have too may junk newspapers to fit in your garbage can. Do dishes right away and put things away when you’re done using them.

4. Do you keep looking at the same piece of paper? Put it somewhere more accessible. Keep a file with just oft-used documents so you don’t have to dig every time you need a form or bill.

5. Clear out your storage unit. The rental fee is too much to pay for items you obviously aren't using.

6. Adjust your kitchen cabinet shelves to create more room where you need it. Get big appliances off your kitchen counters.

7. Clear out your plastic containers every few weeks.

8. Be organized when loading your dishwasher. This will reduce the amounts of cycles you’ll need, helping you get your chores finished quicker and saving water in the long run.

9. Add tension rods to your closet to maximize the space. You can hang more clothing, jewelry, and scarves this way. Use the wall space, too, and add drawers to keep as much as possible stored in the closet.

10. Hanging shoe bags are good for gloves, hats, sunblock, sunglasses, toiletries, crafts, too.

Having a lot of space at home isn't an excuse to let your house get out of control. When you organize, your life will be much easier to manage.