29 June 2015

Eco-Friendly Dishware For Businesses

Disposable dishes are a stable for virtually every restaurant. From the most upscale eateries to small grab-and-go food stands, most food service establishments utilize low-cost containers that allow their customers to take their meals on the go. Unfortunately, many of these containers end up in landfills after use. However, thanks to advances in environmentally sustainable technology, earth-friendly disposable food containers are now available.

What is Biodegradable Dishware?

Biodegradable dishware is very similar to traditional food containers; however, after use, this type of dishware can be composted to reduce negative impact on the planet. Eco-friendly food containers are typically made of bagasse, a sugar cane-based material.

Advantages of Using Eco-Friendly Dishware

Businesses that are aiming to lower their carbon footprint are likely to find that they prefer biodegradable food containers to traditional plastic or styrofoam. In addition to making strides to help conserve the planet, switching to green dishware may also draw more customers. Consumers are becoming increasingly interested in the latest sustainable products and technologies. Those who are eco-conscious are more likely to frequent businesses that share an interest in reducing waste.

Disposing of Biodegradable Dishware

Although biodegradable food containers are beneficial to the earth, part of the responsibility for reaping those benefits lies with the customer. Compostable bowls, plates, cups, and trays should not be simply discarded with waste that will eventually be delivered to a landfill. Instead, they should be broken down onsite in a compost or at a local composting facility. When choosing a compostable product, businesses should be aware of manufacturer recommendations and train their employees accordingly. THe ability to compost some biodegradable products may be affected by oils.

Restaurants and other food service entities that wish to put their best foot forward by incorporating and showcasing environmentally sustainable practices should consider the benefits of compostable food containers. In addition to reducing the amount of landfill waste in their area, using biodegradable containers is an excellent way to spread awareness about green products and the need to be more conscious of the amount of waste the restaurant industry generates. Not only are customers who already have an interest in green living likely to favor the switch to earth-friendly dishware, but implementing earth-friendly practices is also likely to inspire others to support businesses that have a concern for the earth's well-being.