06 July 2015

How to Save Money as an Office Manager

Office managers hold one of the most important jobs in any office. They are the ones responsible for ordering new supplies, assisting employees and coworkers with daily tasks, keeping costs low and generally ensuring that the office runs smoothly. As keeping prices low is one of the main duties of your job, you might look at some ways to keep those costs down.

Comparison Shop

Comparison shopping is one of the best ways to ensure that you pay the right price for everything you need. A typical office goes through hundreds of supplies in a single month, including sticky or adhesive notes, pens, pencils and copy paper. Simply looking at how much different companies charge for the same items might save you hundreds every year. Comparison shopping is especially important when it comes to move expensive items, including projectors, monitors and computers. Whether you need a single computer to replace a broken one, or you want to outfit the whole office with new computers, make sure you compare prices between vendors.


Negotiating might just be the key to keeping your office supply costs down. The next time you get a quote from an office supply company, write down the quote and use it when you talk to another company. Many of these vendors will bring down the cost, especially if you can show proof that others offer the same items for less. Some companies can also reduce prices by five to 10 percent for those who make purchases multiple times throughout the year.

Buy in Bulk

If you really want to save money on all your office supplies, buy in bulk. Instead of buying a pack of 10 pens every now and then, you can buy hundreds or even thousands of pens at one time. You might be surprised at how much the price drops per item with bulk purchases. Check with C&C Janitorial Supplies, Inc. and other similar companies to see how much you can save on bulk office supplies for your office, including pens, paper and even cleaning and janitorial supplies.