07 September 2018

Keeping Ticks Away With Simple Measures

Whether you live in an area that's surrounded by woods or you live in the city, there is a possibility that you will encounter ticks at some time. Fortunately, there are a few safe tick control methods that you can perform around the exterior of your home instead of using a lot of chemicals that could be dangerous for your family and pets. Try to secure your yard as much as possible. This will help to keep out any animals that could enter your yard and carry ticks. A fence works well and can be designed for a yard of any size.

If you want to know if you have ticks in your yard, then perform a drag of a small area. Put a piece of cloth at the end of a long pole, and drag the pole around an area of your yard to see if any ticks attach to the fabric. The number of ticks that are on the fabric can be an indication as to how many other ticks could be in your yard. Mow your grass on a regular schedule so that it doesn't get too tall. Pick up grass clippings when you're done as the clippings are attractive to ticks. You should also keep weeds and bushes cut down so that they don't get too high. Tall weeds only attract ticks and other pests. Many types of ticks don't like to be in hot and dry weather, so they seek refuge in areas where there are both shade and moisture. A mulch barrier is an idea to consider that can help prevent ticks. It creates a hot and dry area that they won't like, and it creates a perimeter as to where pests might be located in your yard for when you go outside and need to visually detect where you should avoid walking.