14 September 2018

Securing the Rights to Which Your Offspring is Entitled

Raising a child under the best of circumstances can be a challenge.  When you are raising a child alone, however, you may face particular obstacles that can be difficult to overcome without the appropriate financial resources.

Regardless of whether you are with the child's other parent or not, the child is entitled to be fully and financially supported. When the other parent is delinquent or non-compliant in paying court ordered support, you might need to take legal action. With family, divorce, or child support lawyers pinellas county parents like you can pursue or have a court order adjusted for the best interests of your child.

Initiating a Support Order

The issue of child support never depends on whether you and the other parent were ever a formal couple.  Even if you were casual flings, you both created a child that you both must support financially.

When you have full or shared custody of the child, you are entitled to receive monetary compensation from other parent.  The other parent may not willing pay support to you each month.  It may take a formal court order to initiate and implement the financial support to which the child is entitled.

You can go to family court with a lawyer by your side who will argue for the best interests of the child.  Your own best interests will be of no concern in the matter.  The family court is only interested in making sure the child in question is taken care of fully by both parents.

Once the order is given by the judge, the other parent must start paying support immediately.  If he or she is unwilling to pay it directly to you, he or she can pay it through the court.  The court will then distribute the money to you.

Your lawyer can explain the process to you fully.  You can set up a time for an initial consultation by visiting the website of the law firm.  You can also retain an attorney with whom you feel most comfortable working on the case.