12 March 2019

Benefits of Home Health Care for Your Aging Parent

Now that your mother has turned 80, her decline is starting to get noticeable. Before she used to be active and vibrant, but now, too often you find her sitting at home in a depressive funk. Your mother lives alone and has already sustained a couple of falls and medical incidents that have left her slower to get up and vulnerable to more. She is an independent person and does not want to go live in an assisted living complex as she would rather remain at home. But, will staying in her home be safe? There are some real benefits when an aging parent can stay in the home for as long as possible.

Mood Swings Are Minimized
A huge detractor to forcing your mom out of her house is the mood swings she currently experiences will get worse. Her depressive state may become a more permanent fixture, and depression in the elderly population is not any easier to handle. You may want to look into adult home care massachusetts to see what your options are. One such thought is to have a caregiver live with your mother. That person may even be eligible for payment depending on your mother's medical situation.

Mental Faculties May Remain Intact
If your mom enjoys a pretty decent mental recall capacity, then good for her (and you). At this advanced age, many people are running short on memory formation, both long and short term. A traumatic event, like an unwelcome move, may cause her mental faculties to start failing at a more rapid rate.

Comfort Level Is High
Being in and amid her things will keep your mother placated and less susceptible to mental and physical harm. While she is not safe alone, a home health aide will be able to provide all the care in her own setting, keeping her comfortable and happy.
Your mom's health and happiness are important to you. Even though she needs help at home, it is a good idea to explore home health care solutions versus trying to force her to move out against her will.