12 March 2019

Tips for Renovating Your Garage

Spring has arrived bringing with it the urge to throw off the winter blues and refresh your living space. The garage begs to be cleaned as thoroughly as your home. Spring is a great time to take charge of that often neglected space, reorganize and declutter. Freshen the garage by improving the look and making the space more functional.

The flooring is one place that shows the most wear in the garage. You park your car on it, items are dropped or spilled on the surface and it collects a variety of items from bikes to paint cans. When considering a garage makeover, look at what type of flooring option may work best for your home. Epoxy guard is an affordable and simple option for many homeowners. The epoxy works better than paint in covering unsightly stains while the hardened surface protects the concrete beneath. A professionally applied floor coating lasts longer and doesn’t cost much more than the DIY alternatives. Other flooring options include tile and carpeting.

Garage organization can help keep the space neat and orderly. Not to mention a well-organized space is easier to work in. You can find the tools you need when you need them. Locking cabinets keep pesticides and paint out of the reach of children and pets. Workbenches come with or without wheels to further customize the space. Wall cabinets come in a variety of materials, colors and designs. Add a pegboard, hooks and overhead storage to further take control of the garage space. Take advantage of the wall, floor and ceiling space with a variety of organizational options available.

Junk Removal
When thinking about a garage makeover, consider getting rid of items that no longer work, no longer have a purpose or are broken. Clearing the space before you do any changes can have a lasting impact. Broken tools can be replaced with more usable pieces. Sporting equipment and outdoor toys no longer used free up space. The lack of clutter makes the garage a more inviting space and allows you to park your car or other vehicles out of the elements. Make a pile for trash, a pile for hazardous material and a pile to donate. Consider a garage sale and use the extra funds toward the garage makeover.
Finally, be able to park in your garage with the right organization. Turn your garage into a living space, a workspace or just spruce it up with these simple tips. Your garage may just be the place to hang out.