10 May 2015

Have a Recycling Program at Your Business

Many businesses have discovered the advantages of waste baling. Not only is baling an environmentally responsible choice, it can also reduce costs for businesses that produce a large amount of waste. Baling allows the business to manage their waste without hiring an outside contractor. Over time, this saves a company money while allowing it to also operate its own recycling program.

In-House Recycling Preparation

Instead of sending trash out to a dumpster, businesses can separate trash by material for baling. For companies that choose to recycle, sorted, baled trash becomes a revenue stream instead of a business expense.

In addition to being able to monetize waste, in-house recycling scores points with clients, consumers and business partners. In recent times, sustainable business practices have become important for both sales and ongoing business relationships. For example, some retailers make a point of evaluating the environmental sustainability of their vendor's processes. Vendors that can meet or exceed a retailer's standards may have an easier time getting their products and that retailer's store.

Waste Baling Consumables and Accessories

While a waste baling program begins with purchasing a high-quality waste baler, choosing the right waste baler parts and accessories along with consumables is also crucial. Accessories include things like bags, banding, wire and bag stands and are sold by specialist companies like QCR Recycling Equipment. Keeping baler supplies on hand helps ensure peak performance of baling equipment and the efficiency of a recycling or waste management program.

07 May 2015

Companies Enjoy the Efficiency of High-End Water Coolers

When you run a business, you have to make some hard choices on where you're going to invest your money. In many instances, businesses prefer to put their money toward things that will benefit their employees. Office water coolers may not seem like a big thing, but they make a major difference. Many offices blow through tremendous amounts of money by trying to keep their refrigerators stocked with sodas and bottled waters. By having a filtered water solution, companies can save money while still satisfying employees.

One of the biggest problems with most water coolers is that they provide lukewarm water that is neither enjoyable nor safe. Most people simply do not enjoy drinking water that has been sitting around for weeks with no treatment. A good water cooler will provide cold, filtered water that is good to the taste. With a good system, employees will think that they're drinking water right out of an Aquafina or Polar Springs bottle. They may even drink less unhealthy drinks like soda and artificially flavored tea.

These systems represent a one-time cost, but many companies are finding that they provide rewards over the long-term. By investing in a quality water system for employees, businesses can prove that they are willing to look out for the people who are working hard on their behalf. They can provide refreshments without having to go to the trouble of constantly stocking sodas. Beyond that, they can ensure that employees are safe and productive throughout the day. In truth, this is a relative no-brainer for companies looking to invest in new office niceties.