21 July 2017

A Suitable Addition to Your Home

If you feel like your family is expanding faster than your home can grow, consider adding a custom room addition instead of buying a new home. There are numerous ideas for custom home additions San Diego contractors can offer if you need a little help getting started. Find out what kind of paperwork you might need to file before adding a room to the home so that everything is done in a legal manner as some cities see an addition as a significant home improvement. Think about why you need extra space so that you know the best direction to go with the project, such as an extra bathroom or a bedroom.

A sunroom is an option if you want to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the weather. Install carpet for both indoors and outdoors so that it's easy to clean. A ceiling fan is a good idea in this room to help circulate the air. This kind of addition allows for entertaining guests and enjoying the fresh air without dealing with mosquitoes and other insects that tend to fly around.

Another idea for a room addition is a bedroom. If you plan on expanding your family or if you want to let your parents move in with you when they are older, then this would be a good investment. When you're designing the room, you want to think about adding a small bathroom as well so that there is a bit of privacy for the person who stays in this space. When you're thinking about a room addition, consider a bathroom if your home only has one. It prevents long lines from forming when everyone has to get ready in the morning, and it can help with getting everyone ready for bed at night as more than one person can take a bath or a shower at the same time. If you don't have an essential need for a room, then design an all-purpose area for the family to enjoy time together. Set up a television, a couch or two and a few relaxing amenities so that everyone can be together at the end of the day or for special events.

If you could add another room to your home what would it be?

14 July 2017

Environmentally Friendly Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts have a very important function in your home. They are used to circulate air flowing from your heating and cooling system throughout every room in your home. This occurs multiple times every day, which means you and your family should have consistent comfort in every season.
Air that fills your family's living environment should be as clean as possible. Ductwork cleaning Gloucester VA is the best way to ensure this happens.
The following five benefits below explain why it is important to have air ducts cleaned professionally.

1. It Keeps Your Living Environment Cleaner
Not cleaning air ducts with a professional cleaner leaves more dust to circulate throughout your home. This dust lands practically everywhere, from your bedding to the kitchen table and floors. Thorough cleaning by professionals not only helps you maintain a clean air home, but it can also reduce the amount of dusting and cleaning you have to do.
2. Cleaning Air Ducts Reduces Irritants and Allergens
In addition to the dust resting on your furniture, harmful microorganisms and contaminants are often found in air ducts. Mildew, bacteria, mold spore, pollen and similar toxins can fill ducts and cause more problems for anyone who suffers from asthma and allergies that cause respiratory problems. Periodic cleaning keeps dirty air from recirculating to promote healthier living.
3. Your Family Breathes Easier
If a member of your family suffers from respiratory problems or allergies, cleaner air will help them breathe better. Dust and pollutants can even cause problems for healthy people by entering their nose and lungs. Sneezing, coughing and bronchial congestion makes it very uncomfortable.
4. Cleaning Air Ducts Gets Rid of Unpleasant Smells and Odors
Every time you turn on the AC or furnace, odor from mold, tobacco, cooking, cleaning agents and pets flow through your house. These stale smells fill the air ducts and send a musty odor in your home. Air sprays only mask the scent briefly, but cleaning the air ducts brings lasting improvement.
5. Air Flow Efficiency Improves
Beyond breathing problems and bad smells, a heavy buildup of grime and dust restrict the flow of air from your AC and furnace. The system must work harder to cool or heat your home, which decreases efficiency and increases your utility bill. Cleaning the system allows it to operate at peak efficiency with cost-effective performance.
Although there's no scientific proof that cleaning the air ducts in your home has great value, it certainly does not hurt to do whatever possible to ensure your family breathes safely.

Easy Weekend Home Renovation Projects

If you're looking for simple, affordable ideas to spruce up your home, there's a variety of renovation projects you can get done over the weekend. Sometimes, small changes that don't take much time can have a big impact on visual appeal.

Front Entrance

A cheery splash of color and a few new landscaping plants can do wonders for your home's curb appeal  and make a lasting impression on your guests. Choose a front door color that compliments your home's style and materials. Bright colors like red, yellow, orange and turquoise will draw attention to your entrance and add a touch of updated style. If your hardware is old or tarnished, replace it with new stylish hardware. To create an inviting pathway to the front door, add new landscaping plants or colorful flowers and accent the walkway with pathway lighting to provide foot safety for guests.

Dining Room 

You can quickly dress up an eating area and give the room a fresh, new look with a new light fixture. In the kitchen, you can install stylish pendant lighting over the table or island. In the dining room, you can create a dramatic statement with a beautiful crystal or brass chandelier. When your replacing an electrical fixture in your home, it's essential to turn off the power at the breaker box to prevent electrical shock. If you don't feel safe or comfortable around electricity, hire a home renovation contractor to install your new fixture.


Remodeling your kitchen with new cabinets and appliances can cost you thousands of dollars that you may not have. You can still update the look of your kitchen with simple, affordable design ideas. If new cabinets are not in your budget, new hardware for cabinet door and drawers can create an instant style change for little money. You can give your sink a new look by replacing your old faucet with a stylish new one in a beautiful finish that enhances kitchen materials. For a touch of glamour and added light, install under-cabinet lighting that throws light on kitchen work surfaces.

Patio or Deck

If your patio or deck feels boring and uninviting, spruce it up with new lounge furniture and potted plants. If you already have good outdoor furniture that you don't want to replace, just add new cushions and throw pillows in bright, cheery colors or patterns. Create an interesting border around your patio or deck with potted plants in colorful pots that match your cushions. For a final touch, invest in a new grill  that allows you to cook and entertain outdoors with friends and family. 

06 June 2017

Is a Water Leak Damaging Your Ceiling?

We recently had a water leak. Thankfully it was in an inconspicuous place. It started out like a huge bubble in the ceiling and then it burst open! Large water leaks coming from the ceiling might be easy to detect, but there are slower, more insidious water intrusions that create extensive damage over time. Below are a few of the ways to determine if you might have water damage that is not so easy to detect. These tips are important for any homeowner.

Massive Water Leak

Having bathrooms on an upper level of the home require plumbing to feed the water to sinks, showers and tubs. A sudden burst in this line can cause sudden and massive flooding that seems to be coming from the sky. The damage this does is immediate and undeniable. It can cause whole ceiling drywall sections to fall.  

Water Stains

A slow leak in upstairs plumbing, or in a roof can cause spots of discoloration to appear on the ceiling. They can be yellowish to brown in appearance and will gradually increase in size. The danger here is that once the ceiling is water-logged, the weight will cause sections to start coming down.

Bubbled or Peeling Paint

Paint will not remain sticking to a surface that has become wet. Bubbles and peeling paint are a sure sign that there is a moisture problem on the ceiling. If the ceiling feels damp there is most likely a plumbing leak. If the area feels dry, check it again after a rain. It is most likely a roof leak.

Dripping Water 

There should never be an unexplained pool of water on the floor. Check the ceiling right above the drips and see if there is a leak coming through of some sort. It is more likely to come through the area that holds ceiling fans and lights, or an already existing crack.

Overhead Light Problems

When the overhead light crackles, goes on and off, or completely burns out, the culprit may not be faulty wiring. There could be water accessing the wires causing the problem. You will need to do some investigating to know for sure.

Falling Plaster, Drywall or Ceiling Panels

If you suddenly experience ceiling plaster, drywall or panels that drop for no reason, check to see if they are damp. The weight of water can cause them to break and come down. Another sign is if the product crumbles easily in your hand.

If you're anything like me and repairing drywall or ceilings isn't your forte, you'll want to call an expert. Contact water damage detection specialists like United Water Restoration to get an estimate for all of your ceiling repair Houston today!

02 June 2017

How Women's Empowerment Speakers Change Lives

Some segments of the community have very little hope within them. They may routinely run low on food, on shelter, and even on hope itself. It's during these times that they need to hear a hopeful voice the most. Difficult as it might be to believe, God changes lives through the voices of people, and what those voices have to say needs to be heard. Things like Vickie Hoefer speaker engagements truly do ring out the voice of hope to people in the community who need hope the most. 

What can a few words do to change lives? When it's a voice speaking on behalf of God, the answer is much. Places like Courageous Women Ministries are focused on helping women bring out the full potential in their lives by teaching them the joy that comes from serving God within the community. Some of these functions are as simple as a speaker testifying how God has transformed their lives. Others are simply gatherings where people can share their testimony together and laugh during cookouts and volunteer projects that help to bring women in the community closer together.

Christian speaking engagements do more than just give people a place to discuss their love of the Gospel. During these engagements, they learn ways to cope with the struggles in their lives, to see the hope in times of trouble, and practical ways to get back out in the community and work for a better life. Sometimes a little encouragement goes a very long way. Crisis is also touched upon in these speaking engagements. Many people are at different times out on the street or struggling to make it through another day. It is during these times that people benefit from Christian speakers the most.

Seeing someone who has overcome every struggle in their life stand before you a happy, well-rounded person is something powerful to behold. People in the Christian community are happy to share their testimony with others and show them that with the right mindset, they can have the same kind of life, too. It all begins with the light and love of God. Churches are powerful instruments of hope in very troubled communities and they continue to send out their messengers to spread the good news during speaking engagements. These powerful messengers let people know that no matter how bad the situation, there is always hope.

Embrace Greater Health With These Wellness Strategies

If you've recently decided that you want to become a healthier person, know that adopting a strategic approach to the wellness optimization process is always a great idea. Below you'll find just three of many wellness strategies you can deploy to attain greater health now:

1. Focus On Dental Health.

One great way to attain greater wellness in your life is by focusing on dental health. As many health experts know, improving your level of dental health will contribute to overall wellness. Also note that practicing good oral hygiene can improve the aesthetic appeal of your teeth, thereby increasing your self-esteem. Because high self-esteem is linked to greater mental health, you definitely want to do all that you can to improve your confidence in yourself. In the event that you're in search of a dentist to offer you specific services like Brooklyn dental implants, the professionals of Park Slope Dentistry can assist you.

2. Invest In A Monthly Massage.

In addition to focusing on dental health, know that investing in a monthly massage is another wonderful strategy you can deploy to take your health to a new level. Massages are empowering for multiple reasons, one of which is that they fight stress. Some of the other great health benefits of massages include boosted immunity, enhanced digestion, and improved functioning of the circulatory and respiratory systems. When you start looking for the ideal massage therapist, make sure that you select an industry expert who has extensive education and experience in the field. You may also want to read through a wide range of the therapist's online reviews to see what former clients think about her or him.

3. Join Your Local Gym.

One final strategy you can implement to take your health to a new level is joining your local gym. This strategy will ensure that you constantly have access to a facility that provides you with a wide range of exercise options. In many cases, people lack internal motivation but find that continually placing themselves in an environment where people are regularly working out helps them make exercise an integral component of their life. Note that many if not most gyms will have both fitness equipment as well as a broad range of group fitness classes!

Start Utilizing These Wellness Techniques Now!

This quick reference guide provides you with several relatively simple health strategies you can use to make wellness a reality in your life. Start using these techniques now to keep yourself on the path to optimized mental and physical health!

25 January 2017

4 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Flu-Free This Winter

One of the most common viruses to appear during fall and winter is influenza. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are four different types of flu viruses that are more likely to spread during the fall and winter and all but one can pose a moderate to serious health risk to the very young, the very old, and to those who have compromised immune systems. While keeping the flu at bay can be a challenge, there are several strategies you can use to help keep your kids flu-free this winter.

1. Impose a Consistent Bedtime

While it might seem like your kids have a great deal of energy, a lack of sleep can negatively affect their immune systems and may increase their chances of catching the flu. Remain aware of any ill students in your children’s classes and if the risk of infection is higher for your child, then you should consider moving their bedtime back anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. This can be especially beneficial to elementary school children whose immune systems are still developing.

2. Increase Offerings of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

If you have teenagers in your home, they might be more apt to snack on chips and candy than on fresh fruits and vegetables, but giving them the option more often may help ward off the flu. Many fruits contain antioxidants and vitamins that support the immune system. To encourage your older kids to eat more of these fruits, keep a fruit bowl by the front door and hand them apples, zipper bags full of cranberries, and bananas, which is one of the most portable fruits available.
You may believe that giving your children a daily supplement will protect them from catching the flu. However, while a one-a-day vitamin designed for their age may give their health a boost, eating fresh fruits delivers flavonoids and antioxidants to the body directly instead.

3. Establish a Hand-Washing Routine

If your kids are lax about how they wash their hands or if they have a habit of simply rinsing them after they use the toilet, it may be time to establish a more consistent routine. According to this infographic, your children should not only wash their hands after using the restroom but also after handling an object someone else has used, such as a book or a toy. Remind them to wash their hands often while they are at school, to use soap, and to wash for at least fifteen to twenty seconds.

10 January 2017

Why Am I Suddenly Seeing Mice in the House? Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

Not much can get people jumping up on chairs and screeching like the scurry of a mouse across a bare foot in the middle of the night. No one enjoys the presence of a furry rodent when you are half asleep and simply heading to the kitchen for a glass of water. Cooler and wet weather tends to bring them indoors, but chances are they have always been there. Bringing animals like cats and dogs indoors will entice the rodents in to continue dining on the pet food, which they have probably already done outside on a regular basis. There seems to be no way to rid the world of mice, but you can take steps to make sure they stay out of the house for good.

Signs of a Mouse Infestation

Visually seeing mice is one sure way to know that you have them. Mice droppings along the floor or in drawers is another tell-tale sign that the mice are there. Chewed corners of boxes, shredded paper and insulation used for nests and gnawed fabrics are all definite signs of current mice activity. You might find a nest full of bright pink babies when moving furniture or items around in a garage or basement. They tend to build nests in areas of low traffic.

The Opportunistic Nature of Mice

Mice view your home as a source of food and shelter. Small bits of dropped food, animal food in bowls and the myriads of boxed food items in your cupboards normally provide all of the nutrition they need to live, breed and raise families. The nearly endless supply of cloth, cardboard and paper products are more than enough nesting materials to last a lifetime. They are very opportunistic and are looking for easy and comfortable ways to survive and thrive.

Mice and Disease

Mice are animals that scrounge for food and can carry a lot of disease. Their droppings and saliva can carry numerous diseases that can transmit to humans. The fleas from mice and rats caused the Black Plague that decimated Europe so many years ago. These are not creatures that you want feeling at home.

The Need for Professional Mice Extermination

Mice poison can be dangerous to have around the house, especially if you have children and pets. Traps do not keep new mice from finding your home delightful. If you know there is a mouse problem it is time to get a professional exterminator on the job.

End mice problems for good by contacting experts at residential pest control in Tampa like arrowservices.com. Affordable pest control is the best solution.