15 January 2019

Four Often Overlooked Symptoms of a Mild Seasonal Allergies

Most people think seasonal allergies are easily detected and noticeable with runny noses, congestion, and itchy eyes. However, seasonal allergies aren’t as detectable as some people think. In fact, there are several seasonal allergy symptoms that are commonly overlooked as something else, like a mild cold or summer flu. Or perhaps something mosquito-caught from your yard irrigation system Melbourne FL. 

How do you know what you’re feeling is a seasonal allergy? 
The following overlooked symptoms are often brought on by seasonal allergies, so look to these alongside the more common symptoms. Don’t forget to visit an allergist for a definitive answer.

1) Headaches and Dull/Mild Throbbing Between Your Eyes
When you go outside and experience a mild throb in your T zone (eye to eye and down the bridge of your nose), or a sudden, slightly dulled headache, there’s a good chance allergies are culprit. Sudden onsets of anything in a new environment, like when you walk from inside to outside, are usually linked to whatever you happen to be standing around, i.e. flowers, fresh-mown grass, pollen-laden trees, etc.

2) Swift Change in Behaviors, i.e. Mood Swings and Sudden Irritability 
Seasonal allergies have a habit of making you feel horrible physically; ergo, you feel kinda crappy mentally too. Sudden onsets of allergy symptoms in response to a new environment could lead to mood swings that include irritability, short-temperedness, and general snippiness towards anyone that dares talk to you.

3) Sore Throat Upon Waking Up that Improves as Your Day Goes On 
Have you ever slept with your mouth open—and when you wake up, your mouth is dry, and your throat is a little sore? Allergy soreness is kinda like that, but it only affects your throat and it gets better as the day progresses. Note: Sometimes a sudden sore throat is accompanied by itching in the ear canal, signaling the movement of fluid build-up in your inner ear due to allergen reaction.

4) Upset Stomach, i.e. Diarrhea or Nausea, that Appears with Seasonal Weather Changes
When winter becomes spring and all of those trees, grasses, and flowers are in bloom, you might feel the classic symptoms of an upset stomach, i.e. diarrhea and mild-to-severe nausea. Caused by an imbalance of allergen-fighting hormones in your body, these symptoms could worsen as the new season hits its peak.

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