27 February 2013

Stress and cancer: the sensitivity of the body, mind and soul

Life is moving at an ever increasing pace allowing for little if any quiet time to connect with what is happening in our bodies and minds. This developing trend of disconnection is fuelling systemic illness of body, mind and soul everywhere you look.

Cancer is now the primary cause of death in developed countries and the second leading cause in developing countries. Cancer is a disease caused by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Broadly speaking there are more than 100 different types of cancer. It can be called a disease of the genome. The DNA in our cells contains the code needed for our cells to function properly. This set of code is very complex and during the normal life cycle of the cell errors may become introduced. Luckily our cells have evolved with many check points which shut cells down if it is likely they have become corrupted. A good example of this is sunburn, where the cells that have been exposed to the powerful mutagens in the sun – ultra violet (UV) rays – suicide as it is highly possible their DNA may have been mutated.

The human psyche or soul is extraordinarily sensitive and complex. Our disconnection from what is really going on in our bodies everyday is evident in how much psychological stress we are living under - and the ramifications this is having on our health is frightening. Interestingly the word ‘psychiatry’, literally means ‘soul-healing’ and the study of psychology is really all about is the word ‘psychosis’, which literally means ‘soul-illness’ [1].

There are many different causes for the all different types of cancer. Recent studies have shown stress hormones may fuel the growth of some cancers [2, 3]. Evidence suggests stress may impact on the effectiveness of the immune system preventing normal the ‘shut down’ mechanism operating in cells with damaged DNA which can go on to become cancerous [4].

This highlights the chronic need for balance in our lives. We all intuitively know the fast paced lifestyle we lead must have its consequences, but we are very good at distracting ourselves from the obvious. Many will dismiss the need to reduce stress from our lives as an impossible task. However, no one disputes the gravity of the situation when they hear the statistics relating to cancer. Reducing chronic stress is vital for our well-being. The scientific facts of this all important disease are now speaking for themselves showing us how imperative it is to reconnect with our body, mind and soul if we are to help diminish the impact of this incredibly serious epidemic.

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26 February 2013

E-Waste is Building Up

Photo Credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net
Apple comes out with a new model of their iPods nearly every year. But what happens to all the outdated ones? What about computers, cell phones, televisions and stereos? Over 70% are thrown away! Our purchases of electronics are dramatically increasing over time. Electronic waste, aka e-waste has become a growing problem.

E-waste takes a very long time to biodegrade but it is more than a nuisance. It’s toxic and can leach heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and mercury. There are even companies that claim to be recycling but instead ship the e-waste to other countries.

What can be done?

  • Limit the amount of electronics and wait to upgrade. I know that is easier said than done but you can handle the iPhone 4 a little longer.
  • Buy used and refurbished when available.
  • Think before you toss!

Consumers need to become more educated. We all know to carefully dispose of certain light bulbs and medications but what about an old cell phone? Those contain beryllium, a toxic heavy metal. I think companies should take their products back and reuse them to make new ones. They would know how to properly take the products apart!

What about computers and phones with personal information?

If you can’t remove it yourself then you can find a company that will. Actually most computers now-a-days are very hard to clear out completely. E-Waste Harvesters has a hard drive destruction service. They will remove all personal data from hard to reach places, destroy the hard drive and then recycle it. So, don’t let the fear of passing on personal information scare you into not recycling.

TV recycling Phoenix

Televisions can be hard and inconvenient to recycle. I know it’s tempting to just throw them on the curb or drop them off at a dump. You may be able to schedule a recycling pick up.

12 February 2013

An Efficient Water Heater Can Help You Save Money

A main priority for a homeowner is having affordable utilities. If you have an old hot water heater it may be very inefficient. You could be experiencing unexpected bouts of cold water while showering or washing dishes. The tank may be too small or too large for your family. By finding a new hot water tank and hear that is efficient, the right size for your family and the proper fuel type for your home you could be saving energy and money.

Do you know if you need a tank heater or a tankless heater?

Most people don't. Discuss with some experts to find out what will work best for you. It will depend on how much water you use, how many people use it and what you use it for. Call a Calgary plumber from ClearView.

Affordable Winter Fun for Kids

In a tough economy most of us are looking for a way to save money while keeping our kids busy. Being in the midst of winter we are all desperate for something to do. There are so many ways to allow your child to learn and have fun without a tv or electronic device.
One of my favorites would be reading magazines. I remember sitting in my room for hours reading magazines when I was a kid! I want to allow my children to have the same experience. Magazines get your child involved and learning. My oldest son is four and he loves to do puzzles and mazes. The best part is they can be very affordable. A whole year of subscriptions can cost $20-$40. That comes to only $1.60 to $3.30 a month! Plus you can use the coupon code "mom15per" to get 15% off magazine subscriptions at SubscriptionAddiction.com. Free shipping and no tax! :)

There are magazines available for all different ages. Here are some of my favorites.

11 February 2013

Win an Organic Cotton Bodysuit and Red Cloth Diaper!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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