29 June 2012

A New Decade Giveaway at "A New Day" (August 13-20, 2012) #NewDecade30

A New Decade

Meegs, at A New Day, is celebrating her 30th birthday with open arms. Lucky for us she is going to share the fun by offering a big giveaway August 13-20! She will be posting reviews of the products that will be included in the giveaway so check out her blog A New Day to find out more!

Don't worry, I will remind you when the giveaway starts on facebook and twitter. You can also subscribe to my newsletter so you wont miss a thing! :)

28 June 2012

The World's Best Cat Litter Review {Sponsor Spotlight} Loving Your Pet Giveaway Hop

Worlds Best Cat Litter has provided me with a 7lb bag of their cat litter. It is meant to last a whole month for one cat! Don't forget to see how you can get your own free bag to test out!

Why Is Smoking On The Rise Despite Anti-Smoking Campaigns and Research?

Beating Smoking

Are you trying to quit smoking? It may seem like an endless battle but there are more reasons to stop then to continue. I know here in the state of NY a package of cigarettes has gone up to over $9 a pack! Including the gas it takes for late night trips to the store, you could be spending $40 a month or more. That could run you a bill of over $400 a year! Of course money isn’t the only factor.
First and foremost you should quit for your health and the others around you! Did you know that children with parents who smoke are more likely to smoke themselves? Not only that but there so many increased health risks to both you and your children.

Over 4 million people die each year due to smoke related illnesses. Illnesses that could be avoided!

27 June 2012

The Fluffy Fourth Of July $415 Cloth Diaper Giveaway (CLOSED) #FluffyFourth

Thanks for joining me for the Fluffy Fourth of July sponsored by Gnome’s Naturals and hosted by Life With Levi!
Whether you’re just starting out using cloth diapers or already a fluffy pro, this giveaway prize offers something for everyone.
Fluffy Fourth Ultimate Starter Pack
One lucky winner will receive the ULTIMATE cloth diaper stash starter pack, valued at over $415!!!

25 June 2012

The Halloween Eco-Friendly Giveaway Hop Sign Ups Are OPEN! (September 25- October 5) #HalloweenHop

BuzzWorthy Freebies

Okay, I am super excited about this event. I love Halloween! I know it seems far away but it will be here before we know it! So, get ready for this event because it is going to be big. Here are the details:
Hosts: BuzzWorthy Freebies and Mommy’s Favorite Things
Event: The Halloween Eco-Friendly Giveaway Hop
Theme: Any eco-friendly products!
Dates: September 25-October 5
Hashtag: #HalloweenHop

Sign ups close September 10th

Spread the word!

23 June 2012

The Ultimate Fluff Stash Giveaway $600+ Prize (CLOSED) #UltimateFluff

The Ultimate Fluff Stash Giveaway
Thank you for joining me for The Ultimate Fluff Stash Giveaway hosted by Daily Mothering and sponsored by Kebbie's Diaper Bag! We are giving away a huge cloth diaper prize pack valued at over $600 to one lucky winner!

You could win all of the following:

The Ultimate Fluff Stash Giveaway

22 June 2012

Choose To Reuse Giveaway Hop Sign Ups Are Open (August 3-17,2012) #choose2reuse

Choose To Reuse

Blogger sign ups are now open for the Choose To Reuse Giveaway Hop!

Hosted by: The Organic Times, Happy Mothering & Earth Faerie Momma!
Event: Choose to Reuse Giveaway Hop
Dates: Aug. 3-17
Price: FREE!
Prize Requirements: Min $25.00, Eco-Friendly, Up-cycled, Re-cycled and/or Re-purposed
Hashtag: #choose2reuse

Win A Basket Of Hyland's Baby Products Valued at over $70 (CLOSED)

When our child is teething, colicky, has a cold or even a diaper rash, we as parents want to know about products that are safe and effective. I am always looking for natural alternatives when my little ones aren't feeling well. That’s why I love Hyland’s! Hyland’s products work naturally by stimulating the body’s own ability to heal. In fact, parents have been trusting Hyland’s products for more than 85 years!

Organic & Fair Trade Hessnatur Natural Clothing Sale and FREE Shipping! -Ends July

hessnatur - organic and fair fashion

Are you looking for natural, organic clothing for your family? Hessnatur has an array of choices. They even have a new baby line...yes, that includes cloth diapers! I especially like the cloth diapers they carry because they are all made of natural material, like cotton and wool.
hessnatur - organic and fair fashion
When you are done drooling over diapers, check out the 50% off summer sale that is going on until the end of July. But hurry on over because the good stuff doesn't stick around that long. Hessnatur has the cutest organic cotton and silk dresses! Plus, when you use the code "PAFFSH" you get free shipping and returns!

21 June 2012

Summer Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop (CLOSED) #SummerCloth

Thanks for joining me today for this awesome giveaway. The Summer Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop is hosted by Mommy's Favorite Things. There are 50 blogs involved in the hop, each with a cloth diaper themed prize worth $25 of more! After you are done entering my giveaway make sure to scroll down to the linky at the bottom of the page and start hopping!

Enter below to win some natural laundry wash and 3 colorful wool dryer balls! Perfect for cloth diapers! :)

Summer Celebration Giveaway Hop (CLOSED) #SummerCelebration

Summer Celebration

Thanks for joining me for the Summer Celebration Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering and Organic Mama through the Green Moms Network! For this event each blogger is offering an eco-friendly giveaway worth $25 or more on their blogs! 

After you finish entering my giveaway, be sure to hop on over to the other participating blogs, which are listed below the Rafflecopter form. Good luck everyone!

Enter below for a chance to win $50 for Lunapads!

20 June 2012

What Are "GREEN" Wines? {Sponsor Wines.com}

Do you eat organic fruits and veggies? Why not drink organic wine too? Conventional farming actually ruins the earth from the overuse of pesticides and chemicals fertilizers. Organic farming is better for your body and the earth.

People have been making wine for a long time. I think we should stick to the way it has been for centuries and protect the earth. I was browsing wine.com and I noticed they have a nice organic selection. I am not a big wine drinker myself but there are some I would buy for my father. He enjoys trying new wine.

At wine.com you can get 1 cent shipping on your first order. Just use the code "welcome" during check out. Read on to see this awesome infograph about "green" wine.

Just For Baby Giveaway Hop Sign Ups Are OPEN! (July 30-August 12, 2012) #Just4BabyHop

Yay! Another exciting event hosted by Fabulous Finds and Mama Chocolate! You may remember the last event, Fluffy Butts Cloth Diaper Hop. It was a lot of fun and we had a great turn out.
If you are a blogger then come and sign up here. This event is sure to bring in a lot of new traffic.
For all my readers, come back between July 30th and August 10th. Each blog will have a giveaway prize worth $25 or more. You will get tons of chances to win some great baby gear.

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SquareCard Giveaway- $50 SquareSpot Membership (CLOSED)

Win the newest, hottest membership to have, The SquareCard from SquareSpot! It provides you with great deals and discounts you cannot get anywhere else.  These are exclusive discount codes you can use in store or online. You don't have to live in the specific areas to use these discounts and coupons. Many of them are available over the internet to the whole country!!

Enter below to win a membership, worth $50. You won't be disappointed. 

18 June 2012

Willow Store Wool Dryer Balls Review and Giveaway {Sponsor Spotlight} Summer Cloth Diaper

The Willow Store is a great website that focuses on reusable products. The company was created in 2005 by Catherine Bolden, with hopes to preserve our earth. This is so well put I didn't want to change a word...

"We will not compromise on our beliefs.  All of our products are ethically manufactured in the US, we strongly support small business, and living wages. We choose only the highest quality materials, and organic whenever possible, sourced in the US whenever possible." -The Willow Store

I am proud to represent a company like this. I was given the opportunity to try their wool dryer balls. I have been wanting to try wool dryer balls for quite some time now. We were given those spikey plastic dryer balls at one point, but when I found out that they could be releasing harmful chemicals every time they were heated in the dryer, I tossed them! Plus, I have been trying my best to find plastic alternatives whenever possible. Read more about the dangers of plastic.

$100 Pet Store Gift Card Giveaway (CLOSED)

Two Little Cavaliers

If you love your pet now is your chance to treat them to something special! Two Little Cavaliers your favorite place for International Dog News, Pet Product Reviews, Pet Centric Giveaways, dog friendly recipes Cooking for Dogs, and the creator and co-host of the Saturday Pet Bloggers Blog Hop a weekly event where pet bloggers and pet lovers can come together to meet, greet, and hang out is hosting this Giveaway to say thank you to their friends and fans for all of their love and support over the years.
RIP to my kitty "Last".

16 June 2012

A Happy Green Life All Natural Laundry Wash Review and Giveaway {Sponsor Spotlight} Summer Cloth Diaper Hop

About a year ago Amanda Wucher-Aller and Kristin Ward decided to create their own detergent for their families. They wanted something they could use on all their clothes including their cloth diapers. Kristen's husband is a chef, Amanda's husband is in the military and they have four kids between them. So, they needed something that would wash even the dirtiest messes but was still safe for their families and the environment. They researched and put together a non-toxic eco friendly wash. They had friends and family test it out until they had the perfect combination. At the beginning of 2012 the two friends finalized their product and packaging, opening their store "A Happy Green Life."
In college Kristin studied anthropology and Amanda studied environmental studies. They are teaching their children that the earth is precious and needs to be preserved. This year they are trying to grow all of their own food in their gardens. When they have extra time, they love to visit the zoo to see the chimpanzees.
They love things from nature and individuals instead of big factories. They are passionate about being GREEN!

"Our families are trying hard to be green but that doesnt mean we are perfect. Far from it! I cant live without my air conditioner or my SUV."-Amanda

14 June 2012

Lunapads Review and Giveaway {Sponsor Spotlight} Summer Celebration

About Lunapads:
Created by Madeline Shaw is 1993, Lunapads is all about empowering women with cloth menstrual pads (aka mama cloth).
"Lunapads' mission is to create more positive and informed relationships between menstruators, their bodies and the Earth."
This woman owned and operated business is based our of Vancouver, Canada. I can't tell you how great it is to have the opportunity to work with this company. They make fantastic products and have great customer services. Get to know the team of women behind Lunapads!

Just like disposable diapers, female pads and tampons are loaded with toxic chemicals including; plastics, bleach and fragrances. Why would you want that against one of the most sensitive areas of your body?

CareOne Debt Relief Services {Spotlight}

09 June 2012

Toxins In Your Home: Baby's Room- The Mattress

This post has been moved to Organic Eco Baby: Toxic Chemicals in Crib Mattresses
This is the mattress we just tossed after three years. It started to shred like this after only a year of use.

07 June 2012

Loving Your Pet Giveaway Hop Blogger Sign Ups OPEN!

Loving Pet

Another great giveaway hop is happening soon. This one is hosted by Two Little Cavaliers. The Loving Your Pet Giveaway Hop is for all things pets. It will take place July 1-14. You can sign up HERE.

06 June 2012

Summer Celebration Giveaway Hop Sign Ups Are OPEN! #SummerCelebration

Green Your Mom

Happy MotheringEco-Crazy Mom and Organic Mama are hosting the Summer Celebration Giveaway Hop, which will run from June 21, 2012 12:01 AM EST to June 29, 2012 11:59 PM EST. The prizes will be anything for summer that is green and eco friendly! It is going to be a lot of fun. There are over 30 blogs participating so far. Click here for more information and to sign up!

04 June 2012

Made In The USA Giveaway Hop (July 4-13) Blogger Sign Ups Are OPEN

Made in the USA

Hosted by: Happy Mothering and A Year of Jubilee Reviews
Event: Made in the USA Giveaway Hop
Dates: July 4-13, 2012
Price: FREE!
Prize Requirements: Min $25.00, Eco-Friendly, Made in USA

The Green Moms Network brings you this great event. It is going to be a lot of fun! I am all for Eco Friendly and Made in USA! 
Sign up HERE!

Fluffy Butts Cloth Diapering Giveaway Hop OVER $122 PRIZE (CLOSED) #FluffyButtsHop

Fluffy Butts
Thanks for joining me for the Fluffy Butts Cloth Diapering Giveaway Hop. This Giveaway Hop is hosted by Fabulous Finds and Mama Chocolate. This Giveaway Hop features all cloth diaper themed giveaways with a value of $25 or more at each of the participating blogs! Be sure to visit each blog from the linky below and enter for your chance to win some really amazing prizes! This event will end on June 15th at 11:59pm EST.

03 June 2012

Loving O.Z. Wet Bag Review and Giveaway {Sponsor Spotlight} Fluffy Butts Giveaway Hop

Loving O.Z.
About Loving O.Z.:
Sarah, a stay-at-home mom, enjoys sewing and creating. After starting to cloth diaper her children a little over a year ago, she decided to put her experienced sewing skills to work. So, she made diapers and accessories herself. She enjoyed making bags the most and started sharing them with friends. She received such great feedback, she created Loving O.Z. a place to buy wet bags and more. She gets encouragement and support from her loving husband and is able to work from home. She relaxes by spending time with her husband and two children, Olivia and Zachariah . She also enjoys shopping, blogging, scrapbooking and organizing. Shop Loving O.Z.

"I strive to provide excellent customer service. I'm always accessible through my email and diaper swappers, and I'm happy to talk with customers and answer questions!"-Sarah

02 June 2012

Little Love Buns Cloth Diaper Detergent and Wipe Bits Review and Giveaway {Sponsor Spotlight} Fluffy Butts Giveaway Hop

About Little Love Buns:
After the birth of her twin girls, Dallas, came to love cloth diapers. One of her girls ended up with very sensitive skin. Dallas wanted desperately to continue with cloth. After trying several commercial detergents with no success, she decided to make her own. She came up with a recipe that is safe, good for sensitive skin, avoids build up and is cost efficient. She knows it works because she uses it herself. She started Little Love Buns to share her creations. Her children, husband and faith are what drive her to do the best she can. Dallas is an easy going, hard working woman. When she has a moment to spare she spends it with her family.

Happy Yiayia Tie Dyed Prefold and Flat Diaper Review and Giveaway {Sponsor Spotlight} Fluffy Butts Giveaway Hop

Kimberly was kind enough to sponsor another event. Read my other review on her colorful toys!

About Happy Yiayia:
Kimberly, a homeschooling mother to five kids, has enjoyed tie dying for herself and her family for quite some time. Just recently, she and her mother Becky (who does the sewing) joined forces to bring you Happy Yiayia. Kimberly has done what most of us can only dream about, create a business out of a hobby. She enjoys the anticipation and excitement from hand dying each piece and waiting to see how it turns out. Then she is able to share it with the world. She feels it is important that her children see her take time for herself and do something she enjoys and I couldn't agree more! When Kimberly isn't working or teaching her children she is spending time outside hiking, swimming, camping or just hanging out with friends and family.

01 June 2012

FREE Blogger Sign Ups For The Hot Fluff Cool Baby Giveaway!

Just Add Cloth

Welcome cloth diapering bloggers! Sign ups are now open for the Hot Fluff Cool Baby giveaway event! We are giving away a $300 cloth diapering prize pack from Greenie Beanie Bottoms! Visit Just Add Cloth and sign up for this free event! The only requirement is 500 facebook fans and a family friendly blog.