25 January 2017

4 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Flu-Free This Winter

One of the most common viruses to appear during fall and winter is influenza. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are four different types of flu viruses that are more likely to spread during the fall and winter and all but one can pose a moderate to serious health risk to the very young, the very old, and to those who have compromised immune systems. While keeping the flu at bay can be a challenge, there are several strategies you can use to help keep your kids flu-free this winter.

1. Impose a Consistent Bedtime

While it might seem like your kids have a great deal of energy, a lack of sleep can negatively affect their immune systems and may increase their chances of catching the flu. Remain aware of any ill students in your children’s classes and if the risk of infection is higher for your child, then you should consider moving their bedtime back anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. This can be especially beneficial to elementary school children whose immune systems are still developing.

2. Increase Offerings of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

If you have teenagers in your home, they might be more apt to snack on chips and candy than on fresh fruits and vegetables, but giving them the option more often may help ward off the flu. Many fruits contain antioxidants and vitamins that support the immune system. To encourage your older kids to eat more of these fruits, keep a fruit bowl by the front door and hand them apples, zipper bags full of cranberries, and bananas, which is one of the most portable fruits available.
You may believe that giving your children a daily supplement will protect them from catching the flu. However, while a one-a-day vitamin designed for their age may give their health a boost, eating fresh fruits delivers flavonoids and antioxidants to the body directly instead.

3. Establish a Hand-Washing Routine

If your kids are lax about how they wash their hands or if they have a habit of simply rinsing them after they use the toilet, it may be time to establish a more consistent routine. According to this infographic, your children should not only wash their hands after using the restroom but also after handling an object someone else has used, such as a book or a toy. Remind them to wash their hands often while they are at school, to use soap, and to wash for at least fifteen to twenty seconds.

10 January 2017

Why Am I Suddenly Seeing Mice in the House? Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

Not much can get people jumping up on chairs and screeching like the scurry of a mouse across a bare foot in the middle of the night. No one enjoys the presence of a furry rodent when you are half asleep and simply heading to the kitchen for a glass of water. Cooler and wet weather tends to bring them indoors, but chances are they have always been there. Bringing animals like cats and dogs indoors will entice the rodents in to continue dining on the pet food, which they have probably already done outside on a regular basis. There seems to be no way to rid the world of mice, but you can take steps to make sure they stay out of the house for good.

Signs of a Mouse Infestation

Visually seeing mice is one sure way to know that you have them. Mice droppings along the floor or in drawers is another tell-tale sign that the mice are there. Chewed corners of boxes, shredded paper and insulation used for nests and gnawed fabrics are all definite signs of current mice activity. You might find a nest full of bright pink babies when moving furniture or items around in a garage or basement. They tend to build nests in areas of low traffic.

The Opportunistic Nature of Mice

Mice view your home as a source of food and shelter. Small bits of dropped food, animal food in bowls and the myriads of boxed food items in your cupboards normally provide all of the nutrition they need to live, breed and raise families. The nearly endless supply of cloth, cardboard and paper products are more than enough nesting materials to last a lifetime. They are very opportunistic and are looking for easy and comfortable ways to survive and thrive.

Mice and Disease

Mice are animals that scrounge for food and can carry a lot of disease. Their droppings and saliva can carry numerous diseases that can transmit to humans. The fleas from mice and rats caused the Black Plague that decimated Europe so many years ago. These are not creatures that you want feeling at home.

The Need for Professional Mice Extermination

Mice poison can be dangerous to have around the house, especially if you have children and pets. Traps do not keep new mice from finding your home delightful. If you know there is a mouse problem it is time to get a professional exterminator on the job.

End mice problems for good by contacting experts at residential pest control in Tampa like arrowservices.com. Affordable pest control is the best solution.

14 December 2015

Want a Safer, More Efficient Warehouse? Here's How You Can Get It

Running a business is never easy, and trying to find new customers while meeting existing deadlines is one of the toughest things anybody has to do. However, when you're running a warehouse environment, it can be even more difficult to keep everything efficient.

Safety is also a major factor when you're dealing with warehouses. Employees are often working with heavy machinery and trying to work quickly to get tasks done. If you're not set up right, that can lead to injuries.

Use this guide to help you learn more about creating a safe, efficient warehouse environment for your company and your employees.

Hire Smart

The people that you hire to work in your warehouse are obviously the difference between a company that's successful and one that isn't. There's more to simply hiring than looking for people with appropriate experience though.

You need to be looking for people who have clean records and who value workplace safety in a serious way. This is especially important when you're looking to hire floor supervisors and managers that will oversee less skilled workers doing rote tasks.

Take the time to sit down with every employee you hire to make a judgment for yourself. At the very least, make sure somebody who has your company's best interests in mind when you're doing the hiring.

Do Background Checks

Background checks aren't something every employee will submit to, but most good employees don't have anything to hide. It will cost you money to do background checks, but they're worth it in the long run.

You don't want to hire somebody who has a history of causing injuries or other problems at work, and you don't want the wrong sorts of people working in your business.

Test for Drugs

Like background checks, drug tests are controversial. Telling employees that you're going to test them randomly and then following through with it is something you need to do though.

There's simply no room for employees to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when working in a warehouse environment that is already inherently dangerous.

Buy Proper Equipment

Buying safety equipment for your employees is essential, but buying the good stuff is important too. Don't cut corners when it comes to safety equipment for your employees.

Buy quality items from things like airport luggage carts to push heavy items to helmets for the people that work for you.

10 December 2015

Investing in Safety Gear for You and Your Crew

Jobs that require you to work out in the elements are among some of the highest-risk occupations found today. When you want to ensure the safety of everyone on your crew, let alone yourself, you can find equipment like logging tools, rigs, and more that will make your job safer and also let you work better.

Safety Gear

When your job requires you to scale large trees or work at great heights, you rely significantly on gear like rigs and harnesses to keep you from falling. It is essential that this equipment be in good condition at all times. You cannot afford to use rusty hooks, weakened rigs, or loose harnesses out in the elements.

If it is time to invest in new equipment, your first step may involve checking out the Internet for the newest and most innovative inventions for your particular industry. When you browse the website, you can check out gear like vest harnesses that will fit you securely and prevent you from falling. The vest harnesses for sale online come in all sizes and are made from durable, weather-resistant materials. They also come at prices that you or your employer may find very affordable.

Along with vests, you can find shackles, hooks, and more that will allow you to lift heavy rocks and logs without the fear of these heavy items slipping and crashing on workers below them. The shackles, hooks, chains, and more are made out of durable steel and can be ordered online. You can have them delivered right to your workplace for convenience.

Browsing Made Easy

If you are new to shopping on this website or the Internet in general, you will find that the site is set up to enhance your user experience. You can search for items based on their description, as well as by brand and price range.

For example, if you need tree gear, you can click on that link under the Shop by Category header. The headers are set up to make your browsing easier and faster. If you need help shopping or have questions about how the equipment is made or used, you can always use the customer contact details found on the website.

You must keep you and your crew safe when working outdoors. You can shop for durable, affordable equipment when you check out the website today.

05 October 2015

Things to Consider When Purchasing an Air-Conditioning Unit

While it may be hard to believe, there are still a lot of homes that do not have air conditioning. In most cases, these are older homes or homes that have been designed to cool themselves using a natural breeze. However, as temperatures around the world continue to rise, and as people become less tolerant of the heat, more and more homeowners are seeing the benefits of installing air-conditioning. However, before calling an air conditioning service Tampa to install air-conditioning, there are a few things that homeowners should consider.

What Type of Heating System Is Already in the Home?

If a home already has a forced air heating system, installing an air-conditioning system is relatively inexpensive. All that needs to be done is to install the coil for the air-conditioning system and run the necessary electrical components. If a home has a boiler heater, this maybe a little bit more of a challenge.

Of course, it does not mean that it is impossible. Every single home has its own unique requirements, and homeowners will have to speak with their HVAC contractor to understand what those requirements are for their home.

Determining the Best Air-Conditioning System for the Home

When it comes to finding the right air-conditioning system for the home, there are a number of factors that homeowners should take into consideration. Usually, the first thing to consider is energy efficiency since this will affect the amount of money a homeowner will spend every month on energy.

Quite often, the more efficient the unit is and the higher SEER it has, the higher the upfront cost for the homeowner. However, over the life of the unit, the homeowner is going to recoup their initial investment. Another factor to take into consideration is the number of months the air-conditioning unit is going to run throughout the year. If a person lives in a climate where the air conditioner is going to be run nine months out of the year, the quicker they are going to recoup the money they spend on their initial investment by means of reduced energy costs.

Will the Existing Circuit Breaker Support the Additional Electricity?

One of the biggest challenges homeowners find when installing an air-conditioning system is finding enough space for their electrical needs. There must be enough space in the existing electrical panel to add a breaker for the AC unit. In older homes, this may require homeowners to upgrade their circuit breaker box as well as hire an electrical contractor.

Having air-conditioning in the home makes the home a more comfortable place to live. Additionally, the air filtration provided by an AC unit can increase the quality of the air and improve the quality of life for the occupants of the home.

21 September 2015

Healthy Cooking that Saves Energy {Guest Post by Trisha at That Dang Vegan}

Blasting the heat in this summer is already a huge energy sucker, but so is cooking on the stovetop! (I know, right?! who’d have thought.) Thinking about how much cooking goes on in the house each day really opens one’s eyes to just how much of an energy waster cooking really is. There isn’t really much any of us can do to stop all that heat from escaping from the stovetop, but there are a few small tweaks that can be made to cut down of some energy costs while still providing your home with healthy foods.

Cook with leftovers in mind. Now, of course this isn’t always going to be possible, but putting meals together ahead of time can save a lot of time and energy. Cooking a large batch of food all at once will use a little bit more energy during the process. However, it would take a lot more energy to cook the same foods 7 times over for each night of the week. Even heating food up for a few minutes in a small toaster-oven or microwave will use less energy than cooking on the stovetop.

In addition to saving energy, there are several foods that are healthy and keep well in the fridge (and may not even need to be re-heated). Try out some flavorful and vitamin rich grains instead of the same old pasta. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of heat and thus a lot of energy to heat up boiling water. So, when you are using water to boil some pasta, rice, or quinoa make sure to follow the exact measurements on your cooking instructions.

10 September 2015

Disney Princess Costume Review – Snow White

One of my favorite Disney Princesses growing up was Snow White because she has dark hair like me. I was excited to come across this costume so I could finally dress as her for Halloween.  No need for a wig! There were quite a few choices for Snow White but many were either too expensive or too short for my taste. I found this great costume at Costume SuperCenter at a fair price that has a nice fit and isn’t too revealing. Snow White should be modest anyway, right?

The costume is made of polyester and I was a bit worried that it would be wrinkly and hard to wash. To my surprise the material isn't bad and there is a zipper in back so washing is much easier. There is great detail to the dress and the red ribbon on the front that adds a nice touch. The back has a nice stretchy elastic material for a good comfortable fit. To complete the look there was a cute headband included with a red bow on it. See all the other costumes that are New for Halloween 2015.

I ordered a size small bit I think the dress is still a little big in the waist. That would probably be my only complaint. It’s really long too, but I like that. It’s easier to shorten a dress than to lengthen. Usually dresses are too short on me (I’m 5’5”).

Overall I highly recommend this costume to all Snow White lovers. Although it’s referred to as sexy, I found it comfortable, modest and cute.

Have a Happy Halloween!

03 September 2015

Keeping Your Family Safe: Top Tips for Homeowners

Keeping your family safe is likely one of the most important things in the world to you and it’s probably something you put a lot of effort into. However, keeping them safe when they’re at home isn’t always quite as easy as it sounds, and problems can sneak up on you in parts of the house where you least expect them.

While home inspections and outside contractors can help you, there are a lot of things you can do on your own to make your house safer. Use this guide to help.

Replace Windows

Old windows are easy to break, and in a lot of cases the wood around them is so easy damage that even when they’re locked burglars will be able to get into your home. Replacing your windows, especially on the outside of the house, can really make a big difference.

You’ll also get another benefit when you replace your old windows. The new ones will help trap cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter, helping you to reduce your heating and cooling bills a little bit.

You’ll also be more comfortable inside your home.

Upgrade Smoke Detectors

If you’re like a lot of homeowners living in a home built before the 1990's you probably have old-style smoke detectors in your house. While these might work okay to let you know there’s a fire, they really aren’t efficient when it comes to detecting small amounts of smoke.

Older smoke detectors also don’t detect radon gas and carbon monoxide in most cases. Today, these gasses must be detectable when you build a home. Bring your house up to today’s basic safety standards by upgrading your smoke detectors.

Install a Security System

Installing a security system in your home can seem like a huge expense, but for the most part, you’ll only have to pay a monthly bill to keep your home secure. When you have a family, this small additional payment is really one that’s worth it if you want to keep them and your possessions safe from burglars.

Another thing that you’re going to want to do is to use the signs and stickers supplied by your security company that go in your front yard and windows. They may not seem like they would make a difference, but sometimes a sign is enough to make a thief move to an easier looking target.