25 April 2012

Everest Krill Oil Review and Giveaway {Sponsor Spotlight} #GreenMoms

What is krill oil?

Krill oil comes from Antarctic krill. Krill are shrimp like crustacean and they make up the largest biomass on earth. Krill oil contains omega-3's, EPA, DHA, phospholipids, and astaxanthin (an antioxidant).

I have been researching krill oil for awhile now. I take cod liver oil on a regular basis but I have found that krill oil contains even more benefits. The antioxidant activity in Everest Nutrition's krill oil was found to be 54x more powerful than fish oil. Antioxidants protect your cells from free radicals, which can damage them (ex. UV rays). It helps boost your memory, reduce PMS symptoms and lift your overall mood. It has also been proven to improve cardiovascular, brain and joint health.

Krill Oil
Krill Oil is So Miraculous it's 54X More Powerful
Than Ordinary Fish Oil

About Everest Nutrition:

Everest Nutrition guarantees that their krill oil is free of impurities. They use FDA approved facilities to produce their oil and follow strict standards. The krill is processed in their natural environment, right on the boat, using a unique Eco harvesting system. The net stays under water during the entire collection. The whole process is environmentally sustainable. To ensure freshness, they ship your oil out the same day you order it!

Why is it better than fish oil?

There are many reasons. It has 54x more antioxidant activity. The omega 3's in krill oil are stored in phospholipid form versus fish oil which is stored in triglyceride form. "Phospholipids are the same type of fat cells found in the human body!" This makes them more easily absorbed. The krill oil capsules are small and easy to take compared to fish oil. Since krill oil is more concentrated you also take less of them.

What do I ♥ about it?

The pills were very easy to take. I took two a day for a month. They did not smell bad or have any taste, even when I left them in my mouth for a minute before swallowing. I did not have fishy burps. I did not change my routine but I did feel that I had more energy while taking them.

What do I think overall?

I am really impressed with Everest Nutrition krill oil. From all the research I did, I found their product to be very high quality. Their krill oil is one of the highest in nutrients so you know it is the real stuff. I still plan to take cod liver oil during the winter months to get some vitamin D but I would really like to get more krill oil to take during the summer.

Connect with Everest Nutrition:

Buy some:
There are a few different ways to order. You can get one bottle for $35, four for $95 or six for $120. If you go with the six month supply it is only $20 a bottle with free shipping! They offer a 90 money back guarantee. BUY IT HERE! 

Win some:
Come back May 1-7 to win two bottles of Everest Nutrition Krill Oil (valued at $60) for the "Green Your Mom" giveaway hop.

Green Your Mom

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